[What's Up] Jan.27, 2013

First of all, school. It's been dictating my life for the past few weeks but I am surprisingly enjoying my classes, especially biology! As for tvb, I've actually been watching alot of tvb series! Unfortunately none are of the latest though :P

1) The Conqueror's Story ft Adam Cheng and Kwong Wah
The Conqueror's Story was an exception, since whenever I re-watch something, they're usually comedies. But since I loved the series alot (and terribly misses Kwong Wah), I really wanted to watch it again. Totally love Kwong Wah's and Wayne Lai's characters! Felt very nostalgic after finishing it :)

2) The Tough Side of a Lady ft Wong Hei and Marianne Chan
Mainly re-watched this for Wong Hei, who's such a great actor that's unfortunately underrated at the same time. Though it failed to give the great legend of Mulan any justice, Wong Hei and Marianne Chan still managed to make it enjoyable for me.

3) The Legend of Lady Yang ft Kwong Wah, Anne Heung and Melissa Ng
To be honest, this series is bad.  I just re-watched it solely for Kwong Wah and Melissa Ng.  As mentioned, I really miss Kwong Wah and so have been trying to re-watch him lately.  He's one of those actors (that we rarely see nowadays) who can pull off such a royalty look!  No wonder he acts in so many emperor roles!  As for Melissa Ng, I absolutely adored her character in here!  Probably the only character that is worth watching :P

Oh another point that makes this series standout is the attire of the ladies!  Absolutely gorgeous!  Don't tvb usually store their old costumes?  Where are all the costumes from here!?  Especially those beaded head ornaments?!  Ugh I am absolutely irritated by tvb recent ancient jewelleries (so golden and heavy)!!!!  Terribly tiring for the eyes to see...

4) Gods of Honour ft Benny Chan, Kingdom Yuen, Irene Wan etc
I always tend to re-watch this since I have the dvd's.  And everytime, there would be a part I'd cry for Kingdom Yuen.  She truly excelled in her role.

As I was re-watching it though, I began to notice some plot holes that I never noticed when I was small x)  haha.  Now thinking of it, Irene Wan's (the main leading lady) role was very badly developed or rather wasn't developed at all.  Such a pity since her character definitely got the potential to be more than what was given.

Besides Kingdom's character, my other favourite characters includes Henry Lo's (Bi Gan) and Rosanna Lui's (the queen).  I also want to add how awesome the bird god's costume is!!!  Seriously!  Look at his beak and forehead!  How did they do that!?  More importantly, if they can do that back then....why are they failing at something like old wrinkles?!  (in The Last Steep Ascent)

4) Night Journey ft Yuen Wah, Louisa So, Cheung Kwok Keung, Danial Chan, Halina Tam etc
Let's just say I really miss those series of 'jumping vampires'!!!  They were so popular back then but unfortunately, none are produce nowadays.  Such a pity because I really loved them  Q.Q

Night Journey can be a bit silly but that does not prevent me from enjoying it!  Found Yuen Wah and Louisa So quite cute together :)  Also great to see Chor Yuen again after so long.  Love that guy and his character was quite funny to watch too.  haha

5) War of the Genders ft Dayo Wong, Carol Cheng etc
When was the last time I laughed out loud while watching a series?  Maybe there was a few here and there during Night Journey and The Tough Side of a Lady, but not that much :P  Re-running the 50 episodic series/sitcom, I finished it in a blast.  A very enjoyable series (though some sub-story were a bit boring), that you should definitely watch if you haven't already done so yet.  Dayo and Carol totally rocked those 50 episodes and for the boring sub stories, I'd pass forward towards their parts!  haha x)  They're so comical!

Oh, Dayo Wong is said to be filming a series for tvb this year.  Unfortunately it won't be War of Genders 2 because Carol doesn't want to film again (she's hosting) :(  Such a pity....but at least Dayo will be back for a series, which I'm anticipating for more info!!!


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