[Upcoming] Season of Love

Airing Feb 11, 2013

Thoughts:  I am personally really looking forward to this series because a) nice casting b) the sub stories sounds nice-ish c) that's it.

Spring thoughts:  Him Law as an idol singer :P  What else is new?  I have a feeling it's going to be a reprise of his role from Divas in Distress?  Haha the story reminds me of a k-drama (though it also familiar to Charmaine's and Moses's story in Let it Be Love too).  Looking forward to it?  Yes.  More so because of the father-daughter relationship between Kandy and Him mentioned in the summary.  Think it's going to be cute.  Also, I am looking forward to seeing Toby again?  Haha she grew on me after....that series with the super long name (Charmaine and Raymond Lam), where she and Pierre played as a couple.

Summer thoughts:  Probably the plainest story out of the 4 but on the bright side, less complications?  I am honestly looking forward to seeing Iva Law and Eric Li as a couple though :)  Their wedding pictures are so cute!

As for Kate and Ron, I am just pleading that Ron's character is going to be level-headed and likable.  I don't get why tvb have to type-cast him in those hot-headed roles so much.  Oh!  As for the 'programme' they're producing, I was wishing that it could be related to dance (though it's probably not).  Seriously wanted their story to focus of dance though since both have dancing experiences right? :)

Autumn thoughts:  This story is like a math equation, just abit more complicated since there doesn't seem to be a definite answer.  Reading the summary got my head spinning abit but the cast are just too good to miss!  I'd also like to know who Nancy will end up with it (vote goes to Carson :P).  But quote, "The story will end with the helplessness and sorrow of autumn".  Nancy will end up with nobody?  Honestly don't mind that at all though haha

Winter thoughts:  I like how there's a mysterious feeling to the story (though I am confuse about what 'truth' they're talking about in the summary)  Personally looking towards this and Autumn the most! 

Haha the music box reminds me of Chiliam and Myolie in The Rippling Blossom.  Myolie also lost her memories in there...

Picture Collage:  I mainly put in the filming pictures that features a 'scene' in the series, instead of the ones where the casts are taking a picture together or something.

I have recently taken notice that I am very...'addicted' to collecting pictures.  lols I spent hours just looking for theses filming pictures (along with the ones for TITS 2 and BOW).  Seriously have some issues =.=
Info credits hyn5 (I shortened the info a bit...)
- There will be four love stories.

- Spring features Toby Leung and Him Law. Him Law will place a popular idol singer and Toby will have a crush on him. Kandy Wong will play a loyal fan; she is a high school student with cerebellar hemangioblastoma. Him and Kandy will have a father-daughter relationship because Kandy sees a resemblance between Him and her father. Jess Sum will play Him's manager. Oceane Zhu will play an artiste who has rumours with Him. Nathan Ngai will play a transport worker.

- Summer features Ron Ng and Kate Tsui. Kate is a programme producer who's chose by her boss to participate in a programme in which in invited her ex-boyfriend, Ron Ng, to be her mentor. They dated from primary to secondary school and broke up in university. Because of the programme, Kate is caught between four males, causing her to realize her feelings toward Ron again.
- Iva Law will play a flight attendant. She is Eric Li's lover. She, Lee Yee Man, and Kate will fall in love with Ron at the same time.

- Autumn features Nancy Wu, Oscar Leung and Vincent Wong. Nancy chose Oscar Leung (hairstylist) the first time and they got married. Unfortunately their relationship turned dull after 7 years and there were also problems with her in-laws. Second time Nancy chose Vincent Wong (lawyer), but marrying into a rich family wasn't easy either. Third time? The story will end with the helplessness and sorrow of autumn.

- Winter features Kenneth Ma (private investigator), who actually links the entire series together, and Myolie Wu (historical culture guide). Myolie lost her memories ten-plus years ago and so asks for Kenneth's help to recover them. Kenneth then found a music box and a book that relates to her lost memories. During the investigation though, Kenneth begins to fall for Myolie. Eventually they dated and he even evokes her memories, causing a misunderstanding between the two. In the end, Kenneth relies on father Chun Wong (who has Alzheimer's disease) to investigate the truth. Cecilia Fong will play Myolie's mother.


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