Un-posted Old MV's Post No.1

By old, I meant really old! I made these using movie maker, so probably around 3 years ago when I first started to make videos? haha I was cleaning my desktop when I saw all these video files (there are more that I'll post up later), which are either unfinished or were just never posted up :) Might as well share them before I delete them right? haha

Can anybody here recall this really old show, "Vampire Expert"?  My favourite sub story of the series was Kristy Yang's and Eric Wan's.  Kristy played as a butterfly demon who needs to absorb human energy.  She and her sisters one day came by Eric, a police officer, and his colleagues at work.  From there on, she started to fall for Eric, who also fell for her too.  But as we all know, love stories between a demon and a human do not often end too well...

This video consists of instrumental music:

This one features a song by Jackie Chan from "The Myth":
Ok, I was a bit surprised when I rewatched this one.  Apparently I credited the video to "DeeHorizon"?  lols what!?  Okies, my online name was "LynneD" before (for those who remembered).  After awhile though, I shortened it to "Lynne" (was wayyyy to long before :P)  lols I only added "D" in the first place because I liked that letter...at least that's what I think the reason was.  o.O  So I guess that was where "Dee" came from?  o.O  Maybe I should've stayed with "Dee" as my username cause that would've been two letters shorter xD  Haha old memories.  How things have changed for the part 3 or so years....

I'm pretty sure "Twins of Brothers" are known to most of us, which features Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam. Once again, the background music is instrumental.


Anonymous said...

I like "twins of brother," as it bring me back old memories. I really wanted Raymond to with Tavia. I think we all do. So glad that in MOL, Tavia and Raynmond get to be together._.

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