I apologize for having to contact you using this way, but your email link is invalid and I was also not able to leave a comment for you through commenting either. So hopefully this message will reach you in the end...

Recently I've been notified by a few fellow bloggers that your site,, have been re-posting our (along with many other affiliates) content without properly crediting back. Even though I can see that you have stated that none of the content belongs to you on your 'About' page, please do understand that we still want proper credits (ie. link back). This is especially important because the content you reblogged does not simply contain images or general info on tvb, but also includes our thoughts and opinions. So I really hope that you can take the matter into consideration, and respect the efforts that we've put into creating those posts by simply crediting back.


Lynne from TVB Horizon and Linda Chung Thoughts
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