What would sound cool?

You know what would be a cool thing tvb can base one of their series on? Music :)

Haha maybe its because I've just watched this korean series, Heartstrings, which is base on music....I really want tvb to create one! I personally don't play any instruments or sing (so sad?) but I love things involving music :) It's just something that nobody can hate....just like chocolate :D

It would great to feature Linda Chung and Raymond Lam as the pair :) Since they are both singers! I wonder if either of them play any instruments too? I think my two fav instruments is the piano and guitar. lols...typical eh? x)

Random Music on the Playlist :D
Love the catchy tunes and find the lyrics really meaningful :)


Michael said...

Glittering Days was about music but not the type of music you're talking about..

LynneD. said...

Haha yah ^-^;; guess I prefer more modern...but not exactly singing. I like instruments more :D

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