Lives of Omission Thoughts - 2 (and screencaps)

Finished up to episode 14 now! Hehe it is getting better and better!

-The focus isn't really on Laughing anymore, but have now changed to Michael (Bosco Wong). I'm not complaining though, because I'm loving this dude. He took down his "big brother" and rightfully took on the ketamine business. Omg...I was shocked when Michael actually broke his big brother's leg (b/c of revenge). Would've been cleaner to just kill him, but I guess that shows how daring Michael is. (he was so calm even though the police sirens could be heard nearby....that is crazy!)

~I really want to see more of Michael vs. Laughing now~

-Twins!!!! When I first saw Kit (Daniel Chau) join the CID, I knew that actor had a twin. I felt bad for his twin brother for not being casted in the series....but surprise!! His twin brother appeared as Michael's right hand man, Fire Dragon (Adrian Chau)! Haha they play as twin brothers in here, who've been separated because of their parents divorce. So now one works as a drug dealer and the other as a CID (this is going to have a sad ending....). Kit is the younger brother...and now he is sent to be an undercover and taking advantage of Fire Dragon :(

At first I thought Fire Dragon was picking on Kit because he didn't want to loose power, but when they were boxing...the truth reveals. Fire Dragon actually cares alot for his younger brother. He was only picking on Kit because he felt dissapointed that his little brother followed his path and became involved with the gang. Seeing how much Fire Dragon cares for Kit is making me feel really sad. Will Kit really have to lock his own brother behind the cells? :( Michael found out that Kit is an undercover too! I don't want Kit to die!! T__T~

Back in Home Troopers, when I first saw Daniel and Adrian in a series, I've already really liked them. Now in Lives of Omission, I'm even liking them more. I personally like Adrian more though....but I can't tell them apart either way :P Would be much more helpful to recognize who is who if they didn't have the exact same hairstyle xP

-SHOCKING? Lat Keung (Ben Wong) is actually an undercover!!!! D: Dude, I never expected this before! I can't believe it....this is too sudden for me. I'm glad to see Ben getting such a great role. The series have been focusing on him alot now...and I'm waiting to see what his ending is going to be like. Will he become a real gangster or will he be able to come back to the righteous path? This is getting unpredictable....

-Kung Sir's (Damien Lau) son was forced to inhale ketamine....I'm just wondering will he get addicted to it. It would be interesting to see what will happen if he does.

~though Kung Sir is good at solving other's problems...he isn't too keen on solving his own~

Random Screencaps

The Life And Times Of A Sentinel thoughts - 1 (also screencaps)

-Most interesting thing for me right now is the relationship between Elaine Yiu (concubine of the emperor) and Kenneth Ma. I wonder how they're going to get together....can only end tragically :( I love seeing their flashbacks together, give you the bitter and sweet feel. And whenever I hear them play the instrument (?)...can't help but feel the sorrow between :(

-I love the monk! At first I thought he was going to be an evilish guy...but he's actually good and at times quite funny. I love how open-minded he is and his wit. He's so funny asking Steven to pay him for kung fu training xD Lols and the way he fell asleep while training Steven too, was funny :)'s so hard to tell who's good or not in here! especially with the guards chiefs! I though Jack Wu was good at first....but then he's walking for Kenneth. so messy in here. Only guard you can trust is probably Stephen Wong, who's the right hand man of Power Chan (emperor). Haha only mentioning Jack Wu and Stephen Wong because they're my two fav right now. I love Jack in evil roles :) Which kinda reminds me of Eric Li....whom now that I think of it, I haven't seen him in awhile.

The guards corruption annoys me =___=* so much corruption. And omg...Kenneth is so calculating....wonder how his relationship with Steven is going to turn out :/

Took a bunch of screencaps...but more of Selena more than anything :P Hehe...abit bias?