Featured Couple - Michelle Yim and Damien Lau in HSDS 2000

If you ask me who my favourite couple is in HSDS, Michelle and Damien is one of the two ;)
btw (everything is very brief in this post....cause I want everybody to see the series! =D
You know the typical storyline between bad and evil...and 2 people falling in love with each other but can't be together because of their status? This story is one of those kind, but in a way, is really cute but with a really tragic ending =(

Damien is considered to be from a good clan and Michelle is considered to be from the "evil" clan.

Let's begin the story of how the 2 met...
Damien first noticed Michelle when she bought a painting he was looking at. The later that day Damien was looking for shelter because of the rain, and saw Michelle, who accidentally dropped the painting into the pond. At that moment....Damien demonstrated his martial arts by catching the painting before it dropped. When he got back onto the surface again, Michelle suddenly appeared behind him with an umbrella in her hand.....and they began to talk =)

You might think this meeting is really sweet right?? And it really was ;) Too bad that Michelle had other intentions behind this meeting though...she's not who Damien thinks she is =/ Michelle looks so pretty in here!!! *sigh* I want these ancient costumes back in tvb.

Michelle and Damien's second meeting...
Damien is in search of information on who crippled his brother and he meets Michelle again. lols I love how they also met in the rain during this scene =) Just this time, Damien's the one who held out the umbrella for her! lols Michelle looks so please when he followed her ;)

In this scene, Michelle is poisoned in the arm and Damien wanted to help her but she wouldn't let him. She was mad at Damien for saying that she was wrong for what she did. lols I find Michelle really cute because of this xP She would not admit that she was wrong and even told Damien to apologize to her! xD lols Damien was getting frustrated and when he apologized, Michelle said he was not sincere enough because he gave out a huge sigh xP Haha, in the end Damien did sincerely apologize to her and she let him help her xD

(This is a very, very brief outline.) Michelle and Damien got stuck on an island that is isolated from the rest of the world (there is no way to get back)...and there, they created their own family =) They stayed there for more than 10 years but then decided to find a way to return because they didn't want their son to grow up alone on the island.

Remember how Damien's brother got crippled?? Damien never knew the truth behind it....and Michelle never told him...She never told him that she was the one who caused his brother to become a cripple. When Damien found out, he was in total...despair? To know that your wife was the one who had hurt your brother....it was too overwhelming for Damien. When he pointed the sword at Michelle...we could feel how hurt he was looking at her. I felt extremely pitiful towards Damien and Michelle....

In the end....Damien committed suicide...and Michelle died with him. By this part, I was drowned in tears. This is probably the most touching and tragic part of the series.

What is good and what is really bad? It is quite evidential as the series progresses, that the answer really bases on the generalization of a group instead of on an individual themselves, which is quite sad. Then there are the people who think they're the good ones, who's doing the best thing for everybody *cough*Kara's character*cough* and only have one way of looking at things. There are some stuff that should be consider common sense...but then there are stuff that's more complicated.....dilemma. I personally think as long as I'm not hurting anybody, the decision I make cannot be consider a bad one because it would be worse of by not making a decision at all. (ok...I might not make any sense...since I am totally off track and rambling on......I'm just going to stop now ^^;)

If you have not watch this series, I'd definitely recommend it. Michelle and Damien were perfect for these roles and you must watch them!


sandalls said...

Damien and Michelle also surprised me with their awesome performance in HSDS 2000.. very touching and they looked so young!!

The other couple that I really adored was definitely Lawrence and Gigi!! I hope you do a post of that couple because Gigi was awesome as Chiu Man/ Zhou Min!

LynneD. said...

I know! They pulled it off really well despite their age =D

Haha I agree! They were the other fav couple of mine!! lols I've actually been replaying their parts alot in the past few days xD i love Gigi's character so much! she is really strong ;)

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