Gigi Lai gives Birth to Twins!

Gigi Lai's pregnancy due date is in August, but she decided to pick a lucky day (today, July 24) to have a c-section. She successfully gave birth to twin daughters and they're all safe. Gigi went to Canossa Hospital in secret and husband Patrick Ma has been taking care her. After Gigi gave birth, Ma couldn't wait and went outside the hospital to announce this good news to the media. Around 9:20PM, Ma walked out with a smile and noticed the media, expressing Gigi just gave birth to twin daughters. Elder daughter weighs 6lbs-ish; younger daughter weighs 3lbs-ish. They haven't name them yet and call them by "jeh jeh" (older sister) and "mui mui" (younger sister). He also expressed Gigi is very happy now, but she is very tired. Many relatives and friends would come visit soon. Asked who do the twins resemble more? Ma expressed they resembled both of their parents, but it's more important that everyone is safe. Ma even invited media to have a meal and celebrate.

Just became a mother, Gigi texted friends on her own to share this joy. She expressed in English: "Our twins angel could not wait to say 'Hello' to you. Thanks God for delivering this precious gift for us, both are healthy and adorable. We just want to share our happiness to all of you."

Source: TVB Channel; Tungstar / Translated by: KAY @

Thoughts: Omg!! CONGRATS to both Gigi and her husband! Aw, hope that their daughters will grow up to be as beautiful as Gigi is ;) Wish their family happiness!

Mysteries of Love Overview - Tavia/RAymond

This is an mv of FungYi I just made today (not only containing scenes from MOL but also Twins of Brothers). I also have another mv....of both BK and FungYi which I'll later post in the final review for MOL. Hope you guys like it!! Comments appreciated =)

[do not read if you haven't seen the series and intend to do so]


Before this series had even started, I'd been going head over heels over FungYi :P This is the first time I've seen them, but they kinda fell short to my expectations. At first, they did met it....but towards the end, my feelings for FungYi went downhill....

FungYi started of as the most adorable pairing ever! Raymond was physically weak while Tavia was physically strong. I love how there personalities kinda mix and match.

How awesome was Awesome?

Tavia's character had quite a huge change towards the end. In the beginning, she was this super energetic and bubbly girl, who's passion was to be a good officer. When Raymond broke up with her, she began to show her weak side. Physically strong, she was emotionally weak. I was sad to see the bubbly Tavia disappear, but I do understand that a break-up isn't an easy thing to handle...Some girls can handle it, some girls just can't. I must say though, it's kinda stupid for her to cut should never harm yourself for someone else because it's not worth it. Rather trying to overcome it, she hurt herself even more than she already was....

During the part where Tavia and Raymond were dating, Tavia tried to change to 'fit' into the upper class for Raymond. I agree that for a relationship to work out, sometimes each partner have to give up something or change (Tavia trying to fit into the upper class, Raymond trying to make his parents understand....). But I think Tavia went a bit too far when she decided to not work in the C.I.D. and instead transfer into an office. It was her childhood dream, and I don't think that was the right decision to do, just to impress Raymond's parents.


I loved Tavia most after she started dating Raymond and became this cute an adorable character. She would often drift of into space and the most hilarious part was how she talked to a suspect they were talking too. She talked like a salesperson xP

Our Professor

They started out super cute! I love how the professor directly asked out Awesome without any hesitation. He's really not that shy at all xD

Raymond plays as a professor who mostly uses his time to stay in the lab. He is an old friend of Kenneth and would be helping him to solve cases. Raymond fell in love with Tavia and asked her to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, they broke up due to their different backgrounds.

Raymond is a super genius but not really in his relationships.

When Raymond broke up with Tavia, I wondered how much he really loved her. During the break-up scene, I also thought if he knew what love truly meant beside it being as a formula. But I still do agree with him when he said for 2 people to be together, they still have to consider others (family) feelings. I really do have mix feelings for their break-up and Kingsley. At this point of the series, I think he's confuse about what love is because he's still the guy who truly believes everything can be explain by science.

From a guy who believed everything can be explain with science, Raymond began to learn what love is....

After, Raymond wanted Tavia to accept him back. When he began asking for her back, I wondered did he want her back because his mom is ok with it (Tavia saved his mom, so his mom is ok with her now). His mom was the one who separated them in the first place and now since she's ok with Tavia, he wanted to get Tavia back? I thought his actions just weren't sincere enough...or did not show enough sincere. Tavia can't accept him back so easily...

When Tavia left for Australia (to escape from Raymond), he also went there and once again asked her to accept him back. At that moment, Tavia couldn't hold it in anymore and began telling him how much it effected her after their break-up. I could tell up until this point, Raymond didn't really know how much he really hurt her, and it only hit him when she showed him the scar on her hand.

During their break-up scene and this scene, he walked away saying sorry to her in both but the sorrys during this scene and the break-up scene was different. In the break-up scene.....his sorrys felt more like "I really can't do anything....". While his sorry during this scene was "I really hurt you too much..." (teary/red eyes too), simply showing his regrets. To me, this point was the sadest point in the entire series.

Now, the next scene I'll be talking about is what I thought to be the most heart-felt moment in the entire series. It is the part where Raymond went up to receive an award and how he had changed...

In 7 billion years, the sun will blow up.....and earth will end.

Speech: Raymond believed that anything can be analyze, but he've overturned that thinking. He stated as long as you've loved or been loved, the most precious thing can only be felt and experienced in your heart. There is no formula to it. Then he said because he was obstinate and didn't realize that before, it caused him to loose his girlfriend. If god could allow her to return to him again, if there's really incarnation, they can love each other forever....he can love her for 7 billion years more. He asked everybody in the audience if it's possible to make a time machine so that he can go start over again with his girlfriend and to love her.

This speech made me....but of course most importantly Tavia, forgive him. During this speech, he was no longer the professor who explained love by science. He now explain it with his heart and experiences he had faced. I thought this speech was really touching. He really showed what he had learned about love and showed how much he regretted for not cherishing Tavia before.

I actually found him kinda selfish/annoying when he asked her back in the first place and kept on following her. I personally felt that he didn't show enough sincerity when he did just that. But during the speech, it was different. He really showed how Tavia meant to him and how much he want her back.....I finally like him again after this point.

The Proposal

Honestly speaking, I didn't really like the proposal part. I actually wished for the series to end after Raymond was on tv saying how he wanted to be back with Tavia. From last time when Tavia cried and told him how she could not accept him in Australia and he left......I thought that he should've of respect her decision and give her time. I was he sure that Tavia was able to forgive him after the speech? and what if she'll break down like last time?

I thought that if they ended with the speech and Tavia tears, it would be more meaningful and will leave a more memorable ending for me. This series is about love and the speech explained what Ray had learned throughout his relationship with Tavia (which was really the focus of the series too).

But I guess tvb wanted a happy ending -.- lols I'm not a pessimistic person....but I don't like happy endings tvb (beside in comedies....or if it does fit the series) has because they're usually rush. I find memorable endings to be sad War and Beauty, Rosy Business, Ghost Writer and Catch Me Now. Happy endings that I do not like are probably MOL and Moonlight Resonance. Good and fitting (but not exactly memorable endings) would probably be Fistful of Stances (I find it cute and a settling ending....).

Overall on Tavia and Raymond

Though Tavia did cry alot, I can never find her annoying and most of the time, I'd cry along with her as well. Tavia was absolutely adorable in the first half of the series and I loved her so much. Sadly, my liking towards her kinda went down abit and only began to pity her. When I see her sad onscreen, I just wished to have the bubbly Tavia back again.....but sadly that never happened. Overall, not as great of a role as I'd hoped for. Tavia fans, I think you'd love to see a cute and adorable Tavia in the first half of the series.

I thought Raymond's role started really well in the beginning, but everything went down hill when he began dating Tavia. His character began to get boring and a teeny tiny bit annoying when he couldn't handle his relationship with Tavia. He didn't have enough personality....or 'layers' to is character. I know he's suppose to be a cool and calm professor......but come on, he have to have more emotions than that. When Tavia was poisoned.....I don't know if it's just me.....but he didn't show too much 'concern'. Well, he did show that he was concern.....but not enough that made me think that he loves Tavia. I mean come on, she was poisoned!!! He should have a bit more emotion than that. But he did show much when his mom was missing though....and that made me kinda upset for Tavia. He showed to be more like a friend to her for the last half of the series. Something I notice with Raymond.....he doesn't have much chemistry with his co-stars for some reason.

I found Raymond the best when he and Tavia was stuck in the mountains and how he took care of her when she was hurt. Love him during those parts! Showed that even though he might not be the strongest guy around, there's still alot he can do. Was sweet and the best scene between them I think =D

Their Story
Fell in love---date---family issues---break up---get back together
I thought their story was cute and sweet in the beginning, but it got boring when they broke up. Their story wasn't as touching either (break-up was sad...but not too special). An average storyline I guess. (I find it the best when they weren't dating and were just working on cases together. The time they're just crushing on each other.)

So yah...that's all. Sorry that it's abit long and I also apologize if I did offend any fans ^^: I kinda got carried away and might of been a bit mean towards Ray. I'd really want to hear your guys thoughts on FungYi too, so please write something if you can^

The left-over part for the MOL review will be up soon ;) Along with the polls. (NEW polls up!!!) =D

Mysteries of Love Overview - Bernice/Kenneth

My final review for MOL is WAYYYY to long, so I'm going to be separating them into parts like this. One part is BK thoughts, 2nd would be FungYi thoughts, and 3rd would be the overall of the series (cases, other characters, to have a sequel? rating and etc.)


I found it ridiculous how Bernice suddenly fell for this guy named Adrian. Where was the Bernice we saw before? I thought the only good thing that came from this was how Kenneth got jealous. Haha, I liked how he got so jealous. Serves him right for not treasuring Bernice? He finally realize how important Bernice was to him and began to fight for her back! I'm glad he did but yet again......ridiculous how he doesn't know ANYTHING about her even though they've been dating for 10 years! That made me notice how ridiculous their relationship was before, only slept with each other! Can that actually happen in real life?!? Hope usually exaggerates things though....

AT first, I thought Bernice would be a strong woman but I was wrong. It saddens me how the 2 girls have to be so weak.....I can see the points for Tavia being weak because she was a bit childish in the beginning.....but Bernice looked stronger nad with lots of confidence. If only tvb made her stronger, everything's going to be much nicer because that balances out the characters.

Kenneth's character is a player, but I like how he has a soft-spot for Bernice. To everybody, he shows himself as a player but there are times (especially with Bernice) where he showed that he was more than that. When Bernice was sick, he'd cook for her and that surprise me to know that he can cook. When he took Bernice fishing, he told her how he wanted a stable family with a wife and a few kids.

He may seem abit playful but I thought that he deeply cared about Bernice's thoughts too. Especially that time when Bernice asked him to take care of her friend. Her friend was trying everything she got and Kenneth almost fell for her. Luckily at the last moment, he saw the book Bernice gave him and he was able to escape from the situation....That was really sweet of KEnneth.

Overall, Kenneth's role was ok but it didn't met the expectations I had set up for it. It wasn't as 'special' as I thought it would be.....and didn't quite 'stand-out' either. But I still enjoy seeing Kenneth onscreen anyways. About Bernice's role, it was ok....the only thing I hated was the fact that she suddenly fell for the Adrian guy....but clothes were beautiful ^^ And it was good to see Bernice again!

Compare to their pairing in Into Thin Air and in here, Into Thin Air would beat it by miles because I think their story in there was better than in here. I do hope to see the pairing again though because they are cute. Kenneth usually looks good with his co-stars, and there's always something special with BErnice and her costars. =D

My Fav. Actors

From my previous post about my fav. actresses, this post continues with my fav. actors^^

Kenneth: Yes, yes.....haha Kenneth =D I love this guy! I liked him ever since Into Thin Air and began to love him after A Fistful of Stances. I'm loving him more and more each day. He usually have quite cute characters and he really portrays them well. He's cute with most pairings he's paired up with (Bernice, Selena, Leila, Michelle). I'm really hoping for him to pair up with Linda and Tavia one day! He looks so cute with Linda and just adorable with Tavia xD I'm hoping for another breakthrough role of his in his new evil role ;)

Wayne: Who doesn't like this guy? He and Bobby are my childhood actors and I love them!! Wayne's characters are always, always entertaining to see! I'd say 99% of his series, I'd love him in there! My fav. roles of him definitely includes...........Journey to the West's, Safe Guards's, The Gentle Crackdown 1/2, Show Times Blues's and Moonlight Resonance's. He's such a versatility actor and is always, always a joy to see onscreen. Even if I don't like a series, he will definitely make it much better to watch!

Bobby: My number 1 comedic actor of all times =D Loved him since I was small and always will continue too. Bobby is just Bobby, a talented actor. He can portray comedic roles (Happy Ever After) and can also portray a professional character (Forensics Heroes). Haha, he always a joy to see onscreen and I'm looking forward to every of his series to come =D

Lols compare to My Favourite Actresses post, I don't have to many Fav. Actor. Steven Ma and Moses Chan (well, kinda abit Raymond Wong too actually but he's not as close as them) came really, really, really close to my Fav!!! They were so close, but I was still abit unsure. Anways, hope you guys enjoyed reading this =D And please to tell me ur fav. actors too! Raymond? Ron? Kevin? Roger? Bosco?? Hmm........^^

For my next post (continuing on with my fav. stuff), I think I'll be writing it on my fav./memorable characters.

btw the poll for Your fav. actresses will have 3 days left to vote, then I'll put up Your Fav. Actor poll^ ANd I'm continuing the votes for MOL b/c I'm still working on the review. And new poll for GW will be up after MOl's (I's a bit late but there were too many polls on the sidebar before...). And I'll try my best to finish of the MOL review...(halfway finish)^^

Purple Version

A new banner, but once again also feature Fala and Steven =3 I'm sorry, but I just can't get over these pics of them! Seeing the purple and the pics makes me really happy ;) Quotes are found on a quote website.

Growing Through Life

Doesn't the poster of Grow Through Life represent Born Rich's poster?

Cast: Damian Lau, Cecilia Yip, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Zhao Zi Qi, Vionn Song, Toby Leung, Dominic Lam
Info: Will air after A Pillow Case of Mystery on Aug 9th.

*Will edit this post and add Synopsis when I find it*

Themesong Here (btw...I think that's the mando version? I'm not so sure...but I'll edit this post when I find the official theme from tvb)
EDIT - not themevideo (mv), but only themesong (in canto..I hope xD) I'm really liking the song.
Credits: baidu, basically bora, wiki

I personally don't find any interest in this series. Maybe a bit in Bosco's evil character? But that's about it. So....unless I hear extraordinary reviews of this series, I don't think I'll watch it .

Beauty Knows No Pain

Replacing When Lanes Merge (airing July 26)

WONG HOI KING (Michelle Yim) is successful in both career and life. However, she accidentally discovers that her husband CHIN KWONG LUNG (Dominic Lam) has committed adultery. In order to maintain the relationship, KING is willing to take the risk of getting pregnant despite her age. Pregnancy has imposed great pressure on her daily life as well as her career. Her aggressive subordinate SA YUEN KEI (Maggie Cheung) therefore seizes the chance to take up her duties. KEI is a bold and decisive person at work but she is caught in a quadrangular relationship by falling in love with the married man KO CHI LIK (Joe Ma).

Discouraged by the relationship failures of her bosses, secretary YU MAN YAU (Joyce Tang) further impairs her confidence. YAU’s “outstanding” body shape, further increases her inferiority. Encouraged by her colleague CHI NAM (Power Chan), YAU decides to boost her self-esteem by getting plastic surgery. Subsequently, she becomes the sexiest goddess on the Internet and the hottest brand spokesperson in town. Upon her getting rich and famous, YAU suddenly realizes that this is not what she really wants...

Official Website
Credits:, Astro on Demand

This series have a really strong female cast. I'm only neutral towards Joe and Dominic, but love Power Chan! I have hope for this series.....I was so happy to see that it's not a comedic series. I'm especially looking forward to Joyce Tang and Powere Chan. Think they're goign to make a good couple and Joyce's character sounds the most interesting to me.

I knew that Maggie's going to like Joe, bu I didn't know that he was already married! Would like to see how that works out. Then Michelle....will she get a good ending with Dominic...or divorce.

I have faith in the cast but the storyline is my main worry. Hopefully it'll surprise me.


I apologize for the absent! I just haven't been really motivated to post lately ^^; but now I'm back! Since I've finished both MOL and GW, I have nothing to watch now.....


Hopefully you guys will like these graphics ;) I especially love the sets of Fala and Steven. My fav. icons are the one of Tavia and Fala, Bernice and fala, Sonija and Steven and the alone one of Tavia xD