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Tavia Bleands and Graphics

These are some blends in I did of Tavia. Do they look real-ish? I think the first 2 is alright, but the third one is a bit mess up ^^; The first 2 are costumes from mainland series (I think some mainland costumes are really pretty, so I'm going to do more later^^). The third one is quite obvious if you've watched the series before xD It's from The Four (was Kate's costume). I thought her costume in there is one of the best ancient costumes! It looks simple but really pretty along with the color^

2 wall-ish paper. I'm really, really excited for Mysteries of Love xD The Ada banner was one that I was thinking to put up for a 'future' banner, but decided not too now. I really like it though, those pics of Ada are really pretty.

These banners, I tried to use a different size from the others. Out of all of them, I like the one of Mysteries of Love the best xD

These are the older ones that I didn't put up yet. I think I like the one with Natalie and Chris the best cause of the colors^

Ghost Writer Releasing

I am really excited to hear that Ghost Writer (originally The Legend of Pu SongLing) is going to air after Sisters of Pearl!!! Hehe...have been waiting for this drama for such along time and now it'll finally release =D *happiness* lols. Hm, the only bad thing is the fact it's releasing during June because that's when my exams are and probably during mostly other people's too. But I'm still happy anyways xD

Credits Hyn5's Twitter

Sister of Pearl Myolie!!

I love this new song!! I am really glad that tvb chose Myolie to sing the themesong for Pearl! I really love Myolie's voice. It's strong and she uses alot of emotion when she sings =) This song also reminded me of the other themesong she sang for War and Destiny. The song was called Fortunately and hands down one of my favourite song of Myolie's! But now this song pops up and I love them both! Both sounds sad and I just love Myo's voice! I really want to hear her in more of tvb songs.

Back on Pearl......seeing the themesong just makes me want to watch it more!!! I'm not a pre-modern fan but I am really excited for this. I have high expectations for this and hopefully it's going to turn out good ;)

Note: I also uploaded Pearl's theme on youtube.

credits: Myolie101@tudou ,skyliu@tudou, Hyn5

Tavia pics in Mysteries of Love!

Credits Baidu