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My first impression of the series? Um...liking the cast but I have no particular interest in medical series, since they look pretty boring to me. On the other hand...the themesong sounds so good and that was the reason why I watched the first episode.

So what happened? I am totally hooked onto this series! I am already on episode 8 already and is waiting for more to be released! I love how the first few episodes mainly focused on medical stuff and operations. Haha to think that I thought it was going to be boring and almost didn't watch it...I'm so happy that I did :)

-I really liked how the first few episodes focused mainly on the introduction to the medical aspect of the series, which showed as some interesting stuff. It's also driven by emergencies that keeps the audience's attention on with anticipation. I especially love Dr.Cheung's (Kenneth Ma) operations.

-Speaking of our Dr.Cheung, I absolutely love him and Kenneth Ma! He started of so cool, but yet so sweet with his friends and family. After a few episodes though, his character really softened up toward his colleagues, in which it did some what upsets me, but I do understand why it happens. I love his passion and professionality of the medical field. I especially love the part where he scolded Yu (Tavia Yeung) on her biases...going to talk more about that later.

-Fan Chi Yu (Tavia Yeung) At first, I thought she'd turn out to be a very professional doctor....but throughout the series, she's quite quick to judge. First of, she always considered Dr.Cheung as a boot licker, which I don't really care for, but what bothered me was how she took her feelings to work. Instead of trying to learn from him or listen, she took things into her own hands and insists that he is wrong. Doing that, she almost cost the life of a kid and did cost a life of another man (which she insisted was a "bad" person because he was the one driving under the influence of alcohol). What was the most irritating was how she confronted Dr Cheung after and stated that he must be happy that the "good" person became a vegetable.

(The operation room was full, and only one person could be operated. So when it was time to choose to operated, she insisted on operating on the "good" kid, who had a 50% of survival, before reading the report of the "bad" kid, whom in the end turned out to had a 90% of survival if the operation was done on him...) Against Dr Cheung, she told another doctor to operate the "good" kid first, who became a vegetable and the "bad" kid, without the operation, died in the end.

So Yu confronted Dr Cheung saying that he must be upset that the "bad" kid died, because that "bad" kid is a son from a rich family ("good" kid is poor). She thinks that he's always boot licking the rich and did not care about the poor. At that moment, I just wanted to slap her!!! As a doctor, I cannot believe that she could say something so insensitive!!! Then to even say that the kid deserved to die! Though I admit her character is really detestable, but at the same time...I do sense the realistic perspective of the character. To be honest, I myself sometimes think like her too, and that speech of Dr Cheung hit me the same way it had hit her.

The speech Dr Cheung had with Yu, when she refused she was wrong: "Don't put your personal moral standard in determining whether a patient should be saved! We're doctors, no matter who the patient is, we should do our best to save him without prejudice!" and when she asked him if that kid wasn't the rich man's son, would he be so concern right now, in which Dr Cheung asked her, "Be honest with yourself. If that kid (the "bad" one) was not the drunk driver, would you still insist on saving the one with the lesser chance of survival?" She was speechless after wards...and then he walked away telling her that the "bad" kid had a 90% of survival if they'd done the operation.

So far, that is my favourite excellent speech by Dr Cheung.

-Lols I'm making Dr Cheung sound so "perfect", because I did initially think that. I thought he was indeed the best doctor and everything he did make sense. Turns out that he did have flaws though, and even though the things he did might be morally right, it still have it's issues. For example, he did a dangerous procedure without the main specialist (Ben Wong) and was suspended. At first, I thought it was really unfair to him to get suspended like that...but then when Yu's dad (Wilson Tsui) asked her what if he (Dr Cheung) failed to save the patient? Without a senior there, who would be the one liable if the family were to sue? And if that were to ever to happen, he (Dr.Cheung) would not just be suspended. Rules are all established for a reason, even though we might not agree. There you go, another sudden moment of realization for me!

-Towards the later episodes,we got more into the character's lives than the medical stuff. I kinda like it, but yet misses the excitement of the operations. One of the highlights would be the story of Dr Cheung's brother, who is handicapped. Turns out that it was because of his mistake for speeding in his teenage years that caused his brother's legs to become paralyzed. That is the reason why Dr Cheung does not own a car even though he's a doctor...and the accident is also the reason why he became a doctor.

It was such a sad scene to see...and to make me think how I sometimes to speed with my car. One thing though, I always tell my siblings to have their seat belts on before I drive. They say that I'm long-winded because of that though. But better safe than sorry :) There are reasons why people nag you (like your parents)....because if they didn't, it just means that they didn't care to do so. A re-lated example to the series is how Dr Cheung was so harsh on the trainee, Pui Chung (Him Law).

Well, that is it for my thoughts today...I have so much more on the series, but I gotta get going on my two essays for school tomorrow :) So only highlighted the most important to me. What are your thoughts on the series so far? Would love to hear about it from you guys. :D

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