[Thoughts] Every Step You Take

I just finished "Every Step You Take" and while it wasn't great, it isn't too bad either.  It definitely has a similar ambiance to "Swipe Tap Love" as it revolves around more on the internal struggles that we face day to day rather than the external conflicts between characters.  Afterwards, I actually went to check whether the two were created under the same producer and it turn out that they are!  The producer is Andy Chan Yiu Chuen (he also produced "Karma Rider").  Haha no wonder Priscilla Wong and Raymond appeared in here as well!  I personally really like this kind of storyline where it is more focused on the character themselves.  While it worked in "Swipe Tap Love", it didn't really translate well in "Every Step You Take" though because the characters were kind of lacking in charisma in here.  Overall, not something I'd re-watch or really recommend to be honest even though I did manage to finish it!  That's an achievement lols

So what did you guys think of the series (if you've watched it)?  xD

A scene I would like to share:
All along, Sung Tin Chung (Myolie) knew that her boyfriend was cheating on her but chose to ignore it.  When it was finally disclosed, he chose to stay with her but his heart isn't fully there.  She knows that as well.  Then at one point, she got really upset and decided to take a walk on her own (which she rarely does without her guide dog, Tian Chong.  Kam Yin Chong (Moses Chan) didn't want to leave her alone so decided to follow her with Tian Chong but Tin Chung noticed and yelled at them to stop following her.

Still worried, Moses returned Tian Chong back home and continued to follow Myolie.

He stepped up right next to her.

As they stood there at the stop light, it started to rain and so Moses took off his jacket to cover her.

I personally found this scene to be super duper romantic and captured it immediately as I watched this episode.  No words were exchanged between the two in the entire scene and there was only music playing in the background.  The way that Yin Chong silently took of his jacket to put over her head showed so much care and consideration.  Man, this scene melt my heart haha.

Honestly I do not really like watching the two individually but when they're together, they do make a sweet couple don't you think?

On another note, I think that a younger pair of artistes would be able to give more life to the series and make it a bit more vibrant because I feel that both Moses and Myolie were too old in their roles?

Haha do share your thoughts with me!


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