All that is Bitter is Sweet - Themesong and Subsong

**Click on arrows to down-load (purposely written wrong haha)

BTW if anybody has the translations to either song, pls tell me :)  I love both songs very much!  I'm especially glad to hear Teresa's voice again. hehe I love her themesong for "Bottled Passion".  The song itself also brings back one of the oldies vibe and I love that!  As for Linda's "Sacrifice", I'm also loving it!  Love how the beginning started off with the chinese instrumentals. There's a lot of "love" in this paragraph haha

Video credit hellochinpang

Teresa Cheung's "Self Healing"

Linda Chung's "Sacrifice"


Rachel said...

ooh! i like the new format of your songs! makes it easy for downloading ;) hahaha

KTVB occasionally translates songs, maybe you can pass on the message to her and see if she's gonna translate? :) i'm loving the songs as well so would love to understand the meaning too

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