[News] Raymond Lam has officially left TVB

Raymond Lam made a formal announcement yesterday that he has officially left TVB. He explained that he wants to venture out on his own without being tied down. Raymond is one of the three most favourite first line golden siu sangs in TVB, when he left, only Kevin Cheng and Moses Chan are left.

As Kevin is very popular in the mainland, he is also considering leaving TVB when his contract runs out. In the mean time, TVB is heavily promoting Kenneh Ma, Bosco Wong, Edwin Siu and Ruco Chan as their first line "siu sang". Each one of them has at least 3 to 4 series under their belts, whether they will become first line remains to be seen. TVB have lost quite a few siu sangs in recent years such as Bowie Lam, Michael Tse and Wong Hei. Although Joe Ma and Steven Ma were being promoted, they are not TVB's "biological son". Among those who left TVB, Raymond is the one who damages TVB the most as he and the other two golden siu sangs help TVB generate a a lot of revenue.

Kenneth Ma's "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" is being broadcast, he still has few other series lined up such as "Noblesse Oblige", "The Misadventure of Zoo" and "Lord of Shanghai". Bosco's "The Ultimate Addiction" has just been shown, his other series "Under the Veil" is awaiting to be shown. Edwin Siu has 4 series lining up such as "No Reserve", "Master of Destiny", "Overachievers", "Madam Cutie on Duty" and "The Five Eunuchs" which is about to start shooting. As for Ruco Chan, his "Outbound Love", "Ruse of Engagement" and "ICAC Investigators 2014" have already been shown and "All That Is Bitter Is Sweet" is due to broadcast in September. He has just finished shooting "Eye in the Sky" and is scheduled to start filming "Pirate Cheung" soon.

Source: MingPao
Translated and edited by: R.E.D @ http://asianuniverse.net/

Thoughts: It' kind of sad that Raymond is leaving but at the same time, I think it'll be better for him. Honestly, I think his acting/characters has been going downhill since after Heart of Greed. It'll be weird without him onscreen though.

Man when they mentioned Michael, Wong Hei and Bowie...I miss them so much!!! I absolutely adore Wong He onscreen but from his past with tvb, it won't be easy to see him back. So unfortunate because the guy is a great actor! Then there's Michael, one of my fav childhood supporting actor, it's weird not seeing him around. Since he rose to fame though, his roles got pretty...UGH...I miss seeing him in his supporting roles! Speaking of Michael, where is he now? Filming movies?

Kevin and Moses is at the top? Of course. So who's to rise up to the front line? Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Edwin siu and Ruco Chan? As much as I love Kenneth, I think his acting can be over the top at times especially in comedies. Worse thing is, it seems like tvb wants to promote him through comedy series! UGH. Bosco Wong is actually one of my favourites right now. There's always something likable about Bosco when he's onscreen haha. As for Edwin Siu! Omg...look at the amount of series to be released for him! Personally think Edwin is alright, not a huge fan but meh, I guess I'm fine with him. Ahhh then there's Ruco Chan, our action packed guy! You gotta love Ruco cause he is a great actor. I think all he need is a breakthrough role like Kenneth's Yat Kin, Kevin's Law Ba and Moses' in Heart of Greed.

Hmm...Ron Ng was not mentioned, seems like he've only been receiving supporting roles lately though. Oh!! Vincent Wong! He's getting his first leading role in "Flat Slave"! So excited for the guy! :D


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