Never Dance Alone - Synopsis and Official Screencaps

Casting: Carman Lee, Loletta Lee, Fennie Yuen, Flora Chan, Gloria Yip, Angie Cheong, Elvina Kong, Lawrence Ng

MO SIU-SZE (Carman Lee) leads an ordinary married life with her husband WONG KWOK-LEUNG (Lawrence Cheng), and is often bullied by her ferocious mother-in-law WONG CHIU WING-MUI (Miu Kam Fung) for no reason.

One day, coincidentally, she spots a leaflet from “Cyndi Dance Studio”, evoking her memories of the good old days in high school. In those days she loved writing and organized “MCLUB” together with the others. They included CHU LEI (Loletta Lee), who was often mocked for her accent, LAW FUNG-SIN (Elvina Kong), who is enthusiastic about dancing, nosy LUK YUEN-CHAU (Fennie Yuen), precocious HUI CHUN-LEI (Angie Cheong) and superstitious LEUNG KAM-YIN (Gloria Yip), all vowing to stay united and never drift apart. However, more than twenty years have passed, the group disbanded and they went their separate ways and they are no more that young. When dreams and reality collide, the only thing left is nostalgia except for FUNG-SIN. She continues to pursue her dreams of dancing. Due to an accident, she is hospitalized, leading to a reunion of her bosom buddies. While striving to safeguard the “Cyndi Dance Studio” for their friend, they run into their archrival, campus belle YUNG DAN-DAN (Flora Chan), whose “D Fitness” turns out to be a formidable foe for the “Cyndi Dance Studio”. With SIU-SZE re-encountering her first love YIU CHI-LUN (Lawrence Ng), CHU LEI reflects on the past ranging from ruining their relationship on the sly to giving birth to her daughter as a result of a premarital pregnancy, and all sorts of feelings well up in CHU LEI’s heart…… Having gone through all these, their vitality, courage, passion and confidence that seemingly disappeared have just been reignited……

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