What's UP? I'm alive...

Anybody feel like re-watching Up? I do :P

OH MY GOD! When was the last time I touched this blog?!! I miss 'TVB Horizon' so much!!! *cyber hugs* *tears* As many of you university students should know, exams are going on and I am just drowning under all of this stress! Man, first year of university went by with flying colors but so far, my second year have been so dang depressing T-T Let's hope third year won't be a repeat of this year or else I won't be able to handle it anymore!

Anyways, just wanted to drop a short message here. I should be alive and blogging after the 12th, or at least lets be optimistic and hope that happens. I have SO MUCH to say!! Can't wait for winter break to come!!! Q.Q

On a random note, it's almost midnight here but I am suddenly craving poutine *-* Hmm...that or sushi, both are good.


Rachel said...

yay!! glad to hear you're alive and doing well ( amid the stress of school and everything) i'm right there with you counting down the days till i'm free from school hahah looking forward to your posts after finals are over! :) can't wait to hear what you have to write about! :)

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