Bounty Lady - Jennifer's Search

I know that 'Bounty Lady' already ended but I just couldn't help myself!  This scene from episode 15 at the beach is my favourite scene of Kwong Nam and Jennifer.  It was really touching.  Hope you all like the banner :)

The butcher knife ring that Kwong Nam (Dayo Wong) always wear was given to him from his 'ex-girlfriend', Laura. The ring means alot to him and while teasing Kwong Nam about the ring, Jennifer (Kate Tsui) accidentally 'lost' it. Desperate to find the ring, she spent the whole night at the beach searching for it. Kwong Nam then came over to her saying that he tricked her; he've already found the ring last night (when they lost it) and just didn't tell her.

When you think Jennifer would be mad, she wasn't. Instead she cried because she was so happy that he found it:
Kwong Nam: Sorry I already found it last night.
Jennifer starts to tear up.
Kwong Nam: Don't be mad.
Jennifer: I'm not mad. I'm so happy that you found the ring.
Kwong Nam: Sorry...sorry.

After finding out that Kwong Nam found his ring, Jennifer collapsed from exhaustion and fell into his arms:
Jennifer mumbles: It's good that you found it. The ring means alot to you...

At this moment Kwong Nam bent down and kissed her on the forehead. Yuen Huen's (Sharon Chan) song then started to play in the background.

When Kwong Nam kissed Jennifer on the forehead and held her in his hands, you can't help but feel his care and gentleness. Throughout the series, he rarely shows this gentle side of him but it is seen here. Man, this oughta be one of the best and memorable scene of 'Bounty Lady'!


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