Happy 2013 Mid-Autumn!!

Since I was having a hard time trying to compose a post about mid-autumn, I decided to look back at my old posts. This is the time for some reflection work...haha

It feels really strange.  My writing have definitely changed and more so, I can tell that I really enjoyed blogging back then from reading them.  How in the world can I get that drive back? OTL

Anyways, happy mid-autumn everybody!!!  Pls enjoy gazing at the beautiful round moon! :)

---------------OLD post back in 2009, unedited------------------

Ok, I remember it was quite awhile ago (august) that I walked into a supermarket (T&T) and I saw the workers putting up many lanterns. At that time, I was really confused because I thought New Year wasn't coming until January!!!!! :galit: Haha, it was funny how stupid I felt when my mom told me it actually the Mid-Autumn Festivals. Yup! I mistook the Mid-Autumn Festival for New Year :sigh:

Anyway! I always thought that I'd do a special post for the holiday^^ Of course I couldn't know much since I don't actually know the DATE for it >< Until summer@Just TVB Artist told me it was on October 3rd!!! Why I like it???? Hmm....I dont' actually celebrate this holiday....well only a little I guess, since my mom always buy mooncakes, but then I don't like it :anongnangyari: Haha, I just like the designs on it xD It's so detailed^^ But besides the mooncakes.......the first thing that pops into my head are LANTERNS!!!!!

I remember the first time I began how beautiful the lanterns were was in Lost in the Chamber of Love starring Ron, Myolie, Michelle, and Kenneth. The scene that made the lanterns memorable was how Ron decorated the whole city/street with lanterns to stop Myolie from leaving. :blush: That part was soooo sweet xD

Haha, since then I've always love the lanterns^^ They reminds me of christmas lights too, but sometimes much more beautiful! When I was searching on google image for some pics, I saw lots of pics for the festival, and I really wish I could go to one, one day xD
History: During the Yuen Dynasty, China was ruled my the mongolians. The people of the previous dynasty (Sung) wanted a rebellion and during that time, the Mid-Autumn Festival was coming. They then decided to plan their rebellion by making these special cakes where they put messages of the attack inside. On that night, the rebellion was successful............so from that day on, mooncakes were traditional eaten during the festival.
As I've mentioned above, I'm not a big fan of mooncakes, but when I was searching for some pics........I found some pretty interesting designs for them xD Haha, my favourite one would be the Hello Kitty one, it just looks so cute xD

Beside finding the unknown designs for the mooncakes which I've never seen before in my life, I also found out something about Starbucks. In china, some Starbucks places makes their on mooncakes of the Mid-Autumn festival too!!!! See the designs on it, it says "Starbucks Coffee" :devilishgrin: ---->

Haha, now.....let's think of what's the first think that pops up into your head (about tvb) when it comes to mooncake................Hmm................MOONLIGHT RENOSANCE!!!!!!

I guess everybody knows about the most anticipated series back in 2008^^ This series has the mooncake theme, when it's prequel had the abalone theme. I like how they named the children as a word for the mid-autumn quote, it's quite meaningful. Suppose to be full of happiness, but of course didn't, but anyway...........I think in Moonlight, the Mid-Autumn Festival represents their family day and the mooncake is their symbol for happiness.
The Legend
Do you usually see a woman on the cover of when you buy mooncakes?? (think only some covers but not all^^) According to a legend, that lady is Chang'e. She's the wife of the man who shot down 9 out of 10 suns. (familiar??) She's actually a mortal, but after drinking an elixir, her body bacame lighter and lighter and she floated all the way to the moon. Since she drank the elixir, she was immortal and never died, but instead lives on the moon all alone for eternity.

(left:Chang'e right:Wayne Lai)
Hmmm.....I'm thinking this story's somehow familiar??? Hehe, it's because it was portrayed into a part of a tvb series before, Journey to the West 1/2. Remember Wayne Lai who portrayed the pig, he fell in love with one of the fairy in heaven, and that's why he was sent to earth. The person who he fell in love with is Chang'e. Of course the 'tvb' story wasn't the same as the legend (duh!) ....but still kept the part where her husband's the guy who shot down the 9 suns.

Final Words
Ok, wishes to all of you guys a happy Mid-Autumn festival!!! See ya! Hehe, gonna be at my friend's again tomorrow xD
Good Night^^ :sleep:


miriamfanz said...

Hehe, I like your little historical tidbits :P

miriamfanz said...

And Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you too (well, belated) :D

lynne said...

Haha use to like adding historical tidbits like this for special posts...but meh, I didn't know what to write about anymore after a few of these xD


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