Always and Ever - Amnesia

*flipsthetable* What is this?!

To start off, let's talk about how Circle/Justice Bao's (Bobby Au Yeung) spirit travelled to the pre-modern time and now takes on the identity of Wah Long Biu. Who is he? Well, he's a corrupted inspector who everyone fears. What's worse? He's the suspected mastermind behind Tin Chau Fung's (Esther Kwan) death. Why is that so important? Tin Chau Fung is the reincarnation of Hon Sheung Sheung and Phoenix. (So frustrating to decide which name to use when I write...)

Long story short, they resolved their misunderstandings and became 'friends'. At this moment Tin Chau Fung's husband returns but he didn't have long to live since he got a bullet in his head. Before he died, he told Chau Fung that her true destined lover is Long Biu, not him.

Fast forwarding to the scene that I want to talk about, Chau Fung's memories of her previous life as Sheung Sheung in the Sung period came back. Not only that, her memories of Phoenix and Circle also came back. To be honest I was a bit confuse since I don't really get how the memories of the 'future' can 'come back' to someone. I get it when she had dreams of it...but not so much during this part.

While the flashbacks were simple, I found this scene very touching. Especially seeing Esther's acting, the way she teared up made me tear up too.

So while I get all emotional and stuff, there was this 180 degrees turn into rage! Well, not exactly rage but I just wanted to flip the table OTL Seriously at the most critical and touching moment where you think Bobby will finally reunite with Esther, Long Biu fell and lost his memory! This stupid amnesia scenario!! *flips the table*


miriamfanz said...

Believe me, it will get worse before it gets better

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