2013 Series Status

There have been 14 series that have finished airing this year. I finished 6. That's not too bad right? :P

Missing You - Dropped
I watched the first 2-3 eps and had little interest to continue on when I thought of the upcoming love square. Will probably try to watch it again one day though since it's gotten alright reviews.

Friendly Fire - Dropped
Was really enjoyable...until the part where we found out that Tavia was sick and insistently refused to marry Michael because of it. Ugh this caused me to drop the series. Don't really want to see the drama between them. Hmm...but may watch it for Samantha Ko one day, since I really like her.

Inbound Troubles - Finished
Love you!

The Days of Days - Finished...?
Light-hearted and fun to watch at first but the middle part got kinda draggy. First time seeing Lin Xiawei and I really liked her :)

Reality Check - Skipped
Dunno if I wanna watch it or not...

Season of Love - Dropped
Watched the first two stories of Toby LEung, Him Law, KAte Tsui and Ron Ng. I liked the fact that the series have 4 substories, which doesn't drag the whole series. The first story of Toby and Him was enjoyable but everything was pretty typical. As for the story of Kate's and Ron's, their story was nothing new but teh small twists here and there made it quite intriguing to watch. Will probably continue this series one day....just gotta get the enthusiasm to start haha

Sergeant Tabloid - Finished?
I finished the version released overseas, but did not the version that was released in HK. Overall, quite liked the series. Really like Niki in light-hearted romance/comedy.

Bullet Brain - Dropped
Watched the first 2 eps or so....too pretentious.

A Great Way to Care 2 - Finished
Read review :)

Beauty at War - Dropped
Too much talk and not enough action. Will try to watch it again one day though.

Slow Boat Home - Skipped
Will watch it in the future.

Awfully Lawful - Finished
I love this series!

Karma Rider - Finished
Also another of my beloved dramas of the year!

A Change of Heart - Dropped?
Watched the first episode and then had to leave for Vietnam. So technically speaking, I did not drop it. May or may not continue. I just wanna see Michael and Joey...


miriamfanz said...

I'm surprised you dropped Missing You since Linda's in it xD This year's dramas are overall not very good, even TITS2 is starting to disappoint me. But TVB apparently has some big plans for 2014, so we'll see...

lynne said...

Meh wasn't in the mood to watch anything at that time haha

For tvb's grand productions, I no longer have too much hope for them :P lols

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