[News] Elena Kong is Kenneth Ma's Ideal Lover

Previously acted as stepmother and stepson in "Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles", Kenneth Ma and Elena Kong now turns into a couple in "Triumph in the Skies 2". During the couple months of filming, the two had gotten close to each other and Kenneth revealed that Elena is the type of women he likes.

Elena Kong: EK
Kenneth Ma: KM

EK: We filmed in France for half a month but Kenneth's character is quite boring. If we didn't film, he'd stay in the hotel all day and I had to convince him to go out. We went to visit the Louvre in France and saved a whole day to go to the London Eye in London. I told him that's better than staying at the hotel all day.

KM: I don't have a lover, but Elena gives me a very different feeling. She's very thoughtful. For example, she knew that we liked traditional dishes so she took us to a Chinatown near there for a meal. We're Chinese so only rice and soup will make us full. We even brought back some soup for the other crew members. They were touched.

EK: Beside sightseeing, we also went shopping. Got Him Law and Kenneth to look after our bags. Kenneth is someone who needs to be looked after. Like asking me whether he should by souvenirs or not and which one. He's very filial though. Where ever we were, he'd say that he'll take his mother there one day.

KM: When my mom looked at the pictures I took with Elena in France and England, she didn't recognize it was Elena and told me to quickly chase after the girl in the picture. My mother was quite disappointed when I told her it was Elena, since Elena already has a boyfriend.

EK: But my boyfriend likes to joke about this. (Her boyfriend is Sandra Ng's brother.) One time at a party, he joked that he was my rumoured boyfriend and that Kenneth was my real boyfriend. Even though Kenneth is not my boyfriend, he's definitely one ideal guy at TVB.

KM: You're saying like TVB is a real estate agency. There are still many ideal guys in TVB like Jason Chan. Moses Chan is also one ideal man. I don't have much money yet. Wait till I save up a few billion before calling me that. In my opinion, being an 'ideal' man should be someone with a successful career and a stable income. I do not dare to say that I am there yet.

KM: I am a very boring person and needs someone to take care of me. That is why I find Elena to be a good example of the type of girls I like. She knows how to take care of others. She can even help me find that ideal person. I will definitely not choose a young girl. My future girlfriend will have to be mature and independent. We will also have to be able to communicate well with each other. Sometimes, I really don't know how a 60 years old can date a 20 years old.

Source: On.CC
Viet Trans: TVBVietnamFanClub
Translation: Lynne@http://tvb-horizon.blogspot.ca/


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