Awfully Lawful Episode 2 - Kay's Past Reveals

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Continuing the scene from last time (Solo and Kay yelling at each other in the parking lot), there comes a flashback of their dispute 5/6 years ago.

Long story short, Kay started to date Solo's childhood friend.  The sad thing is that the guy already has a wife, who he married for business purposes.  Therefore the relationship have to be kept a secret.  Solo then one day saw Kay and his friend together but promised to not tell anyone.  In the end, tabloids got pictures of Kay and that other guy (he's rich and famous...therefore the papparazzi chase).  Solo ended up faking as Kay's boyfriend for the two to continue the relationship.  The rich guy then proposed to Kay and said that he'll divorce his wife.  Kay's sister, Tina, greatly opposed to this because she did not want her sister to be a home wrecker (beside a wife, the guy also had a young daughter).  Eventually the rich guy's mother found out about this affair and pressured the guy to break off with Kay or else he won't be able to inherit any of the family fortune.  He ended up choosing the fortune and asked Solo deal with Kay (to prevent her from causing any trouble).

So yah...that is why Kay is mad at Solo.  She initially thought of him as a friend but in the end, he helped the rich guy's mother, Lady Lauren, to break her up with the other guy.  (Thing is, Lady Lauren is the one who raised him....meh.)  Not only that, it's because of this that her sister, Tina, refuses to see her again.

I was surprised with this turnout, since I thought Kay hated Solo because they dated before or something :P

During one part, Kay was referring to Solo; how much she trusted him as her 'friend' back during her relationship with the rich dude.  Solo in return said something that I found really interesting:

Miss Ku Ka Ying (Kay), I may be despicable but I'm very demanding about my friends.  Please don't degrade that word again.

I personally like this phrase alot because it makes me think that the word, friend, is often used but sometimes only as a mere reference to someone we may not even know too well.  Something that Solo has, despite is introverted personality, is some very good friends and that's something I admire about the four guys.

Their firm took on a case to sue a gym for diagnosing a client's son with arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).  Story is that the client's son enrolled in the gym's slimming courses and after receiving treatment, he started to have heart problems.  Problem is though, the boy does not want to sure the gym because he feels that it was them who helped him lost weight and that in turn had boosted his self-esteem.

Fish also regularly visits the gym to keep fit.  He then decided to take one of their tanning programs, to get his body spray tanned.  Haha in the end, he was left in the tanning room for too long and turned what you see in the picture.  Lols I loved how the other three teased him!

One of the best butlers ever!!  Fish got home and asked the butler to make him a cup noodle (seafood flavour).  So when he got to the table...?  A cup of noodles with king crab, abolones, scallops and oysters!!!  I literally laughed out loud here haha.  I guess this is the rich's definition of seafood cup noodle? :P

We finally got to see Selena Li!!!  She plays as Elsa, Fish's rich and spoiled wife.  Haha surprisingly, I don't find her annoying but incredibly cute and entertaining to watch!  Can't wait to recap more on her too :)

As previously mentioned, Solo thinks it's Kay who messed with his car, Island.  So when he saw her car fixing in the garage, he took the chance to get revenge and placed salted fish in her car.  This caused a dispute between the two and as they argued, a girl appeared out of nowhere and threw a bucket of red paint at them.  Turns out she's his ex-girlfriend (who he dumped on Christmas) and she've been the one messing with Solo's car.

So why and how exactly did Solo break up with his girlfriend?  Well, Solo is an island right?  He does not want any commitments and therefore does not plan on marrying anytime soon.  His girlfriend on the other hand is a bit 'possessive'.  She first changes his iphone password, updated his facebook status (declaring them as a couple) and even went to visit his father's grave (she somehow found out where it is by herself).  Maybe a bit scary there haha.

After all those events, Solo became a bit suspicious and on Christmas day, they were going to a party when she wanted to go in a wedding dress!  DUN DUN DUN!!!!  Solo started to freak out and decided to break up with her right away lols.  His girlfriend got mad and demanded unless he apologizes, she won't get back in the car.  Well, Solo was cool with that since he drove off right away LMAO!!  Haha giant downpour suddenly came down and Solo backed up his car.  His girlfriend thought he was coming back for her but to her misfortune, he only came back to give her back her cellphone.  He ran off again :P  lols This scene was so funny!


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