A Change of Heart Episode 1

"Though the heart is one of most important organ in our body, most people fail care to for it. And there are some that have lost theirs (i.e. heartless)." - This is not word for word...but close enough. haha

To be clear, if you have not read the synopsis, Bosco Wong plays two characters in "A Change of Heart". One is a cardiac surgeon and the other one...well I don't know yet. All in all, they're twin brothers. The cardiac surgeon Bosco will die soon (so don't get too attached to him :P) and that is when his younger brother will return. The younger brother is Bosco's main role.

Now going back to what happened in episode one, there wasn't too much.

Though it has not been specified yet, Michael Mui seems like a triad boss. Well....a rich business man that acts like a triad boss. First of all, he’s a very prideful man. Second of all, there are no boundaries to his business tactics. He only seems to be kind to those who've helped him and his wife, Joey Meng. Speaking of Joey Meng, she was previously a nurse prior to marrying Michael. That is why she's the one to constantly nag him about his heart problems. She even bought Michael a watch that'll beep if his heart rate goes up.  Best part about that beeper was during Michael's business meeting.  He tried hard to calm down when Joey called :P  Quite a sweet pair if you ask me.

BTW some of Michael's facial expressions during that meeting are priceless!  Haha I love how he holds onto his 'heart' whenever he's yelling at people.  Also really liked how Benjamin is Joey's 'spy' in the situation.  Wonder what his relationship with them is, since Michael yelled at everybody except him :P  Though from the theme video...his relationship with Joey will get kinda fishy...

Did I mention how beautiful Joey Meng looks in here? I'm sure I have but I'll do it again anyways because she's absolutely gorgeous!!! She's just glowing! Anyways, putting her physical attributes aside, Joey's character seems like it's going to be quite interesting. Especially during the part where a truck hit her car from behind, she sounded nice at first but then suddenly swiped out her husband's business card (he's a well known business man) and demanded a repair fee of 50 thousand hkd. I liked how direct she was towards that guy, without much emotion during the whole process. A twisted personality. Haha

Driving off afterwards, the truck owner was still in shock over the repair fee and suddenly had a heart attack while driving. This is obviously not a good sign for his fellow buddies on the road. Luckily Niki Chow, who was cycling on the street, saw the odd behaviours of the truck (swerving left and right) and chased it down. Reaching the truck, she then jumped onto it and climbed through the window. And so when the truck was about to hit a bystander (coincidentally it was Joey Meng, who just bought a fish in the market); Niki turned the wheel fast enough and prevented the accident from happening. Later we find out that Niki is actually a police officer...

Bosco and Niki are dating. They met each other back when Dr.Bosco was searching for his younger twin brother out somewhere along the coast lines. He was talking to him when his phone suddenly went out of battery; therefore Dr.Bosco borrowed a random girl's phone, aka Niki's. They then started a conversation and Niki offered to give Dr.Bosco a tour around the place (since he didn't know the place...he was only there to look for his younger brother). Walking around into the night time, Niki then led him to a swamp-ish area. There, she told him to wait and that's when fireflies started to fly out of the swamp bushes....

Their flash back was quite romantic despite my bad narration from above. I especially love the special effects that was used here (the colouring: blue, red, green, purple etc) as it created a very endearing atmosphere between the two. To add onto that, the places where they did the shots were very beautiful! Like walking down the coastline with those giant rocks designs in the background! Where is that?! I want to go there! And then the swamp area with all those fireflies. If it was shot during the morning, maybe the effect would've been different? But all in all, it's such a romantic place to be at when the fireflies came around! What a perfect first meeting for Dr.Bosco and Niki huh?

Oh! Forgot to mention that Dr.Bosco actually asked Niki to marry him (no, not when they first met....). Answer? REJECTION! Why? I have no idea since he seems perfect…so far :P Now in all seriousness, it seems like Niki's got something going on in her own life. Back at home after their date (and his proposal), Niki was on her computer and looking at some old news about a prostitute who was robbed and killed. More importantly, that prostitute has a young daughter. Is Niki that young girl? Well, I'm waiting to find out...In a less climatic situation, maybe it's just one of her cases.

Moving on, Dr.Bosco and Michael got to connect somehow right? Well, it turns out that Dr.Bosco's mentor is actually Michael's saviour. And as I've stated before, Michael is the kind of man who'd always remember who helped him. Therefore with his heart problems, Michael only trusts Dr.Ko (i.e. mentor) and every year during Dr. Ko's birthday, Michael would get him a gift. This year, Joey and Michael planned to give him a portrait of himself, painted by a famous (along that word is a big sum of money) French painter. So to give him the gift, the couple pretended that Michael was having a heart attack in order to ask Dr.Ko to come over right away (with the gift awaiting for him)...

When Michael was pushing Dr.Ko to come faster with his exaggerated, yet funny, excuses, I knew something was going to happen to poor Dr.Ko. Joey sent their driver to go and pick up Dr.Ko but then BAM!! The couple's car driver, who was supposed to pick Dr. Ko up, actually drove into Dr.Ko on the streets. When the driver got off the car, he picked up Dr.Ko's phone (Michael was on the other line). Michael said something along the lines of, "Hey why are you there? Have you picked up Dr.Ko yet?" I thought the driver's reply was kind of amusing, "I don't think you can talk to him anymore...I just ran him over." (At least that's what I remembered...) After this, I am actually wondering what Michael will do to the driver...

So Dr.Ko is dead and the portrait, that was initially suppose to be his birthday present, became is funeral picture. Even during the funeral, Michael was acting kind of cocky...To be honest, I found Bosco's expressions kind of weird during the whole funeral. Too calm. To unaffected...too odd.

Now that Dr.Ko is dead, Michael's heart treatment is transferred to Bosco. Since he is still green in the field though, Michael cares little for him and refuses to be treated by him. So when Bosco told him that he should not join the cycling marathon thingy, he refused to listen. That's problematic.

Understanding her husband's heart conditions, Joey invited Bosco to the race as a pre-caution just in case Michael's heart starts acting up again. Beside that, she also hired a group of cyclists to block off the other participants from surpassing her husband (therefore will give him the leisure to bike as slowly as he wants AND win the race). Quite a clever idea right?

Haha at the marathon event, Michael had a giant poster of him! On the paper bags that they were giving out, there are even pictures of him stapled to them! lol that funniest have to be the fans that the old people were using. All the fans got his face imprinted on them :P Michael sure love himself....I like that ;)

So the race starts!! Surprise comes when Niki, a regular cyclist, happen to pass onto the same road as the marathon. Seeing her surpass him, Michael quickly speeds up and so as he bikes faster, his heart rate also began to rise. CRASH! Luckily not into a car, but he did fall off his bike. Heart attack! Thank goodness Joey kept watch of his heart rate (with some fancy machine) and got there with Bosco in time to save him. So in the end, Michael admits that Bosco won (how he was right about Michael not being able to finish the race) and decides from there on to let Bosco treat him.

This concludes the episodic summary for episode 1!! I apologize that it's kind of...chunky.  Haha my writing does not flow well, nor is it that good =.=

PS may I add that the ending mv is really weird!!  Mainly because of the girl though...why did they even put her in there? o.O


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