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Linda Chung will be visiting Vancouver and Toronto in May!!!!!  And I am planning to make a gift for Linda (along with the others if I can....will update about it later xD)!  So there's a poll over at Linda Chung Thoughts, asking who wants to participate in the gift (sending a message) for Linda!  Just wanted to spread the news here since I am extremely excited to be able to go and see all four of them!  Hopefully all will go smoothly :]

Website of event: http://www.fairchildtv.com/event/20thAni/hd.php
Info: Linda Chung, Kenneth Ma, Ruco Chan and Sonija Kwok will be attending Fairchild TV's 20th Anniversary event in Vancouver and Toronto.

簽名會 : 5月25日 (星期六)
地點 : 列治文時代坊中央大堂
大匯演 : 5月26日 (星期日) 晚上8時
地點 : The Centre 溫哥華大劇院

Autograph Session: May 25 (Saturday)
Location: Aberdeen Mall (this is in Richmond)
"Concert" (not exactly a concert...but hope you guys know what I mean?): May 26 (Sunday) @ 8pm
Location: The Centre in Vancouver

簽名會 : 5月27日 (星期一)
地點 : 萬錦廣場
大匯演 : 5月28日 (星期二) 晚上8時
地點 : John Bassett Theatre

Autograph Session: May 27 (Monday)
Location: First Markham Place
"Concert": May 28 (Tuesday) @ 8pm
Location: John Bassett Theatre

More info should be released when it gets closer to the event.

Now that we're done talking about the info, let's move onto the poll:

Since I live in Vancouver, I will hopefully be able to attend both the autograph session and the concert (thingy)!!! :D Hehe that is why I am planning to make something for Linda :) This is where I am hoping to ask you guys for help! I am looking for fans messages from you guys :D Most likely it'll end up to be a little booklet or something (not exactly a scrapbook...cause I find them too big and to be frank, I've never done scrapbooking before), because I'll be putting the fans messages together. I know Linda Chung Thoughts is not big, so if you guys want to spread the message around, feel free to :P haha. thanks guys ;]

Right now we're only wondering WHO's GOING TO PARTICIPATE in the gift. The criteria for the messages and such (determined by the amount of fans, since more fans will mean a shorter message) will be up LATER.

One more IMPORTANT NOTE, who's coming to the event? :P Just curious x] hehe EXCITEMENT!!!!!


Melon said...

I envy you Lynne! At least you can meet Linda in person and other TVB celebs! I want to meet them too. Especially, Kenneth, Ruco, Sonja and Linda. You're so lucky!!!

Bubblez said...


lynne said...

@Melon: I'm sure you will get to meet them one day too Melon :) Oh! Will you send in a message too then? hehe :D

@Bubblez: Awesome!!! here is more info about it: http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/2013/04/announcement-send-in-your-messages-xd.html


Melon said...

Hey Lynne,
I left my message in your other blog.:)

Bubblez said...

Well I don't think I can't.. since it's a bit late (6:30pm) and I live in Burnaby =_=
but take pictures!

Anonymous said...

what time are they going to first markham place ? :((

lynne said...

@anonymous: sorry I am not sure. I tried to look it up but to no avail. I'll try to find out soon though!

lynne said...

@bubblez: aw that's unfortunate. lols I live pretty far away too....but I still gotta go, can't bear to miss this ><

Anonymous said...

how do I book tickets?

lynne said...


Are you from Toronto or VAncouver?
The tickets for the concert/extravaganza is not open to public sales. As for the conference/autograph session, I think it is first-come-first-serve kinda thing.

More info: http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/2013/05/important-win-tickets-to-extravaganza.html

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