[Poke-fied] Nancy Wu

----This is purely for fun, so don't get too serious about it :P Whatever I say is not meant to be offensive (to the artiste nor the Pokemon haha)...so hopefully you guys can have fun with this like I will be!----

Contrary to the first post of Him Law, this one is a little more serious :]
A normal type Pokemon; Eevee does not necessarily stand out from the crowd. But on the contrary, it's ability to evolve into a variety of forms (ice, fire, electric, grass, shadow, psychic, water etc) makes it a unique individual. When I think of the diversity in its evolution forms, it reminded me of Nancy Wu. To be frank, can any of the 5 (current) fadans compare to Nancy when it comes to diversity? Whether if it's an evil, good, cutesy, ancient (martial arts), professional or any other types of roles, Nancy can take on all of them.

***It breaks my heart to see one of Eevee's new forms, Sylveon (WT*?!), such a tragedy........


Rachel said...

whoa....i had no idea eevee could turn into so many different forms! hahaha i'm so out of the loop when it comes to pokemon these days lol

lynne said...

Lols I know right?!?! You have to raise like 8 eevees in order to have them all :P haha

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