Seasons of Love - Spring (Him Law and Toby Leung)

After finishing "Inbound Troubles", I decided to start on "Seasons of Love".  The series is split into 4 parts, therefore makes it easier to watch since I only have to commit to 5 episodes each time.  

Spring is the time in which flowers starts to bloom.  Does this remind you the feeling of a first love?  Him Law plays as an idol star, who Toby Leung's little sister, Kandy Wong, adores.  Toby does not see why everybody idolizes him and even disliked him at first, but after working for him, she also starts to fall for the idol.  Unfortunately, problems soon arise in the relationship due to their social statuses.  

The Ending
I personally like how Spring concluded because it is not a 'get-together' scene that finalizes the couple's ending.  Simply, it was just another chance 'fate' has given them.  The rest, whether their relationship can work our or not (ie. Him's idol status), is for further development...

洋蔥 by Aska Yang
This is the song that often played in the background during the last few scenes of Toby and Him.  Currently playing it in the background while writing this!

Nathan Ngai
While Him Law takes on the role of an idol, my eyes were glued on Nathan Ngai instead.  He is so good looking!!!  Doesn't he remind you of a k-pop star?  His cutest scene was during the part where Toby and Him did their onscreen 'kiss'.  His face got so red!!!  He was blushing so hard!  I wonder why...though it doesn't really matter because he was too cute in that scene x]

Another favourite scene of Nathan would be the one above.  I loved his expressions when Kandy wrap her hands around her and leaned onto his shoulders.  His crush on Kandy is very sweet and cute, and it's unfortunate how their relationship never got the chance to develop.

Toby's and Kandy's Relationship
The sibling bond between the two is quite sweet, and I loved how they interacted with each other.  To be honest, I see more chemistry between the two more than Toby and Him Law.

One of my favourite scenes goes to Kandy, who came up to Him Law and yelled at him for hurting Toby.  I thought it was really sweet.  While Kandy may seem childish in regards to her fangirling moments, she's quite mature in some other aspects.  Such as her relationship with Toby, where she understands the hard work Toby puts into family and did not want to burden her sister with her own worries.

Fangirl/Idol Moment
In the beginning, Kandy would take a picture with Him Law every time she sees him x]  In addition to that, Him would always try to look best in front of his fans (composure etc) and treated them very nicely.  Lols I find it quite funny how he'd fix himself up whenever a fan appears...have to look nice in photos :P

Oceane Zhu
Even though she's a bad character in here, I still enjoyed Oceane's onscreen moments.  Personally like Oceane alot...haha

An Underdeveloped Story
While we got to see how Toby fell for Him, we did not get to see how Him fell for Toby.  Considering that they're the main couple, this is a bit problematic.  To add onto that, the couple lacks chemistry.  The only part that I truly liked the couple is during the ending scene...

Kenneth Ma's Expression
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but Kenneth is trying to act mysterious right?  If it is so, he failed miserably.  To be honest, I only found him creepy!  Kenneth needs to work on the way he conveys the emotions into his eyes.  Because whenever he tries to be sad or subtle, the puppy eyes would appear.  Personally, I find this inability to effectively express the different emotions through his eyes, is one of Kenneth's weakest point.  Hopefully he'll be able to overcome that...

Snorkeling Lesson
No matter how pure the act may seem, by allowing a teenage girl into you house, with her bathing suit and such...that's too much!  He deserved that punch =.=

In Conclusion
At the end of the story, Kenneth Ma (detective) summarizes Spring as a love story brought upon the couple by fate.  But more importantly, I like how he emphasizes that it requires the work of two people in order for a relationship to bloom.  To sum that up, while fate gives you the chance to meet that 'special' someone, it requires a mutual effort from both partner too.

Spring is overall a pretty generic love story; from the characterization of the couple to the events of the storyline.  Furthermore, I did not feel any special spark between Him Law and Toby Leung.  Thus, all of this concludes to one mediocre love story.

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