[News] Fiona Yuen is 5 Months Pregnant

Entering the industry after the 1996 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Fiona Yuen is most well-known for her role in "Gods of Honour" (2001). She then left TVB in 2008 and joined ATV. In 2010, Fiona decided to reside in Vancouver, Canada.

Fiona Yuen has been married for 4 years already and in a recent phone interview with Oriental Daily, she revealed that she's currently 5 months pregnant. She also said that she is planning to return to Hong Kong to give birth to her baby, "I have family members there to take care of me. So both my husband and I will return 2 weeks prior to the baby's due date". Lastly, Fiona stated that she does not know her baby's gender yet.

Source: On.cc
Viet Translation by TVBVietNamfanclub@https://www.facebook.com/TVBVietNamfanclub
English Translation by Lynne@http://tvb-horizon.blogspot.com/

Thoughts: To be honest, I did not know that Fiona left TVB until now and so finding out that she's currently residing in Vancouver surprised me. Furthermore, she's also pregnant!!! Definitely happy for her! Wish that she'd give birth to a healthy baby!!! :D Hmm...girl or boy? :]


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