New Faces of 2012 - Ronald Law

From last year's release, Ronald Law left a great impression with his portrayal as the lively Yiu Dong (Ba Da) in "Witness Insecurity". Ronald's acting is quite natural (considering the fact that he's still quite new) and shows off a good onscreen presence. To add a cherry on top of that, Ronald's sweet dimple smile is another 'stand out' factor of the actor. (His looks shares a slight resemblance of Louis Koo, don't you think?)  I personally have high hopes for Ronald Law and thinks he has the potential to become a leading siu sang down the road.  Just need a little more time and experience to polish up!

(The problem I see that may affect that though, is Ronald's height and his smaller body-build compare to the siu sangs we see now. Ronald is not short, but yet not 'tall' either. I've come to notice that guys who are taller tend to be more favoured for promotion...?)

Other representative works of Ronald's includes: "Yes Sir Sorry Sir" and "When Heaven Burns".


miriamfanz said...

I actually notice him when he's in a series nowadays. Like in Reality Check, he's the loan shark that's supposed to collect the money from Louise Lee.

LynneD. said...

His recent roles are smaller compare to the one in Witness Insecurity :/

What do you think of him Miriamfanz?

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