TVB's Rising Generation

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So...these are the artistes that tvb will focus on grooming to become the next siu sangs and fadans!  What are your thoughts? :)
Top New Generation Artistes
: Aimee Chan
: Edwin Siu
: Mandy Wong
: Tony Hung

Thoughts:  I wonder why they have to distinguish the four to "Top New Generation Artistes"?  Necessary?

6 New Siusangs
: Ruco Chan
: Raymond Wong
: Edwin Siu
: Jason Chan
: Oscar Leung
: Tony Hung

Thoughts:  I thought Ruco Chan is quite obvious already...but they still had him on the list?  Anyways...

Thumbs up for Ruco, Raymond, Edwin and Oscar!  Their acting is already up to par of the leads, so not a big surprise here.  Out of all of them though, Oscar is the only one that I feel is missing the leading aura...but super happy for him because he can act.

Jason Chan.  Hmmm...I did not like him in No Good Either Way.  Found him rather stiff but I guess it's his first "bad" role (think he tried to hard with his smirk and eye rolls), which are considerably harder to portray than the good guy.  His new series with Linda, "Missing You", will be airing after let's see how he does in there.

Last but...not least?  I don't even know who Tony Hung is o.O  He's even in the "Top New Generation artistes"....but...wah?

Unmentioned favourites
-Vincent Wong, Benjamin Yuen and Matt Yeung.  I also really like Sammy Shum since Lives of Omission and the recent ancient dramas too.

Surprise?  Where's Him Law?  o.O  Wow...was so sure he'd be on the list but now, nowhere to be seen...hmm.

8 New Fadans
: Aimee Chan
: Mandy Wong
: Sire Ma
: Eliza Sam
: Christine Kuo
: Rebecca Zhu
: Lin Xiawei
: Cilla Kung

Aimee Chan 
A star that tvb is obviously trying to push.  I am personally fine with Aimee in light-hearted roles and she's improving with her emotional scenes.  Overall, I am neutral towards her but she's definitely getting into the first line since tvb is really pushing her up.

Mandy Wong
Mandy is steadily reaching towards the first leading status and I am very happy that she've been able to take on a variety of roles.  Out of all, her acting is no doubt the best but unfortunate that she's quite plain (just my opinion).  You see her onscreen, but something is missing....?  But I still support her to lead since her acting is the best so far.

Sire Ma
Sweet looking girl.  The recent female artistes lacks the ancient look, but I think Sire Ma fits well into the ancient aura :)  That's an advantage right?  I really hope that tvb can give her some more roles in order to breakthrough.

Eliza Sum
Eliza got popular right after Divas in Distress.  It's true that her acting was rather "new" in there but she surprisingly did very well in her first role.  Maybe the role suited her personality?  I don't know, but even in her emotional scenes...raw but still alright.  The only scenes that looked a bit force was her bickering scenes.  As for looks, I personally don't find her that pretty but she's cute.  Got the potential to rise.

Christine Kuo
An obvious choice.  Christine entered tvb in 2009 and signed a 6 years contract with them.  So we'll be seeing her for the next 3 or more years.  She definitely got the looks to make it far though, but unfortunately her acting is still quite stiff.  Maybe it's the language barrier?  In Ghetto Justice 2, during the scenes where she spoke in Mandarin with King Kong, she suddenly became natural again and seem quite comfortable onscreen.  I do hope that she improve...but first of all, tvb need to give her lighter roles.

Rebecca Zhu
Her looks/presence fits the leading actress feeling.  As for acting...too early to judge since I have only seen a few episode of her in SSSS.

Xia Wei
I have not seen any of her series yet so don't have much comments.   I have been seeing alot of good comments about her though.

Cilia Kung
Unfortunate that she's typecasted into little sister roles due to her baby face.  And I think that'll be her greatest challenge to face in order to rise.  I like Cilia though, especially in Forensic Heroes 3.

Unmentioned favourite?
Oceane Zhu - I like her alot and think that she's got the potential in acting!  She's also got the charisma and fits well in both ancient and modern dramas.  Of course, the problem is the language barrier isn't it?

Surprise? JJ Jia?!  o.O


miriamfanz said...

Look at the rising fadans and half of them can't speak proper Cantonese. Don't know why TVB chooses to promote them over Nancy/Selena/Natalie.

I agree Ruco seems pretty established already so he shouldn't be on the list. I like Sammy Shum too, especially since his handsome look in King Maker.

may said...

yea i agree! Why not nancy/selena/natalie? Or are they above those listed already?

lynne said...

I thought that Nancy, Selena and Natalie was not listed....because they're not consider to be in the "new" generation x) Like how they didn't mention Sharon Chan either...even though she's beginning to lead.

But totally agree with you guys...well, on Nancy and Selena anyways. Natalie is alright...she's technically leading right now (New series with Wayne).

Nancy seems to be getting bigger roles...almost leading but still not yet.

As for Selena, I was upset that she is second leading to Sharon in the new series :/ She seems to lead in series...but mainly male dominated ones. Same goes to Kristal Tin.

I personally would like to see actresses like Queenie Chu to be more promoted too....

Rachel said...

i wish elaine yiu would get more important roles, i used to find her acting annoying but she's improved so much, sad to not see so as often... :(

HL said...

Everyone keeps forgetting about Elaine Yiu! ):

She has improved so much and has gotten quite beautiful!


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