TVB 2013 Calendar

My parents have been nagging me about getting new glasses...and I guess they're right.  My prescription is probably way off, since I do not seem to spot any differences between the "official" calendar and the leaked ones :P  So much for, " Mr. Tsang expressed the calendar is currently under post-production and has not reach completion of the final version yet."-source

Ok to be was quite expected that the leak was truly the "official" version, but after the negative feedbacks, you'd think that they'd at least do a little bit of editing (no hope of a re-shoot :P)

Despite my disappointment though, I still want one....because of the artistes.

Ok, I am wrong.  They did put in the sparks here :P
Anyways, liking the artistes attire but Linda is so....isolated!  She's also smiling while the others are trying the cool look.  I wonder why they didn't keep THIS POSE instead.

The part of Tavia and Fala is cute, but I do not like how the men are standing off to the side.  Such a cheesy background too :/

I like the background of this one more, but some of the ladies poses are really strange (especially Sharon's).

Personally think this is one of the better ones.  Wow...I am impress that Him Law can run backwards :P  or is he trying to run the other direction...going to knock Jason down then. eh.  

The ladies looks very elegant...but abit plain?  Well, at least it's nice and not weird x)

A simply pose but it's like "May", it is still nice.

Sonija Kwok :)  The background is too bright for my liking....not a fan of Tracy's pose either :/

They look like not like how "plastic" looking their legs are.

Nothing special, but I like it :)

The moment you realize that tvb's really lacking star power....bringing in hosts.

Really like Myolie's dress!!!  hehe I love purple.  But that cannot save a bad picture ;P

My personal favourite because it looks the most "natural".


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