CTI Introduction Clip

Receive a small glimpse of CTI's upcoming series (let's all hope that they're get their airing liscence soon).

Even though the previews of the series were rather short, the filming was good.  The special effects (of the vampire) were not bad either.

Oh some good news, CTI will be holding a sales presentation event...sometime in December?  I am very looking forward to see the full clips :D

READ ALL ABOUT THE SERIES (SYNOPSIS) ON ASIANUNIVERSE. I'm just going to talk about some that I find interesting...

• (M) AMAZING CENTURY - 驚異世紀 - 10 EPISODES (Genre: Suspense/Thriller)
Cast: Dominic Lam, Leila Tong, Lawrence Chow, Felix Lok, Samuel Kwok, Noel Yeung, Emily Wong, Alan Luk, Eddie Li
Editor: Alfred Yip (The Drive of Life, The Four, Born Rich, Wax and Wane)

Thoughts: If you've read the synopsis...it's all the reason why I want to watch this. Of course, Leila Tong is one of the reasons too.

• (M) FAIRYTALE LOVE SONG 201314 - 童話戀曲201314 - 20 EPISODES (Genre: Musical)
Cast: William So, Bernice Liu, Kelvin Kwan, Jason Chan (Pak Yu), Evelyn Choi, Sek Sau, Al Wai, Savio Tsang, Benji and Lesley, Zac Koo, Kate Yeung
Editor: Pion Leung (Forensic Heroes III, Yes Sir, Sorry Sir!, Daddy Good Deeds)

Thoughts: It's a musical! I've always wished that Bernice would release an album...because I think she've got a great voice. So I am really hoping to see her sing in here hehe.

AND OMG!! On that list...it's ZAC KOO! Is that THE Zac Koo I'm thinking off?!! If he is indeed the Zac Koo (Zac Kao) that I am thinking about, then he's the one who played as the arrogant but lovable inspector in D.I.E Again. lols for those of you who remember, he's the one who's always flipping his hair ;)

• (M) THREE FACE SHAPED DOCTOR - 三面形醫 - 20 EPISODES (Genre: Medical drama)
Cast: Frankie Lam, John Chiang, Al Wai, Carlos Chan, Kate Yeung, Sam Chan, Leanne Ho, Benji & Lesley, Queenie Chan

Thoughts: the plot sounds very interesting...


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