The Last Steep Ascent Thoughts 1

~this scene was so sweet....the kind of moment where you go, "AW..."  haha

I have been a bit behind on my other dramas, but have been pretty updated with this one :)  The Last Steep Ascent started of a little slow for my tasting, but things got better starting at episode 5 or so.  I must admit, it's not exactly what I had hoped the drama to be like...or imagined it to be like, as it's mainly focus on business so far.  On the other hand though, even though there are not much between Maggie and Moses so far...there's just this romantic feeling between them...really settle but heart-warming.  Moses character is rather boring at times, but yet...his dedication to Maggie managed to soften my heart.  Like Moses, Maggie's character isn't that special either.  I initially thought she'd play a stronger woman in here, but not really...she's just like any ordinary woman.  On their own, they're not exactly interesting...but together, there's just something special and I'm always anticipating to see how they will develop :)

Aside from Moses and Maggie's story, I also find Joel Chan and Samantha Ko really interesting to watch.  Honestly, their characters outshines the main leads :P  Joel can come of as a jerk, but a jerk with brotherhood.  He's just so adorable to watch x)  As for Samantha Ko.  I shall applause her performance!  Such a nice surprise!  Hmm...have I ever seen Samantha in a series before?  I don't remember, but anyways, she is doing very well in The Last Steep Ascent :)  Personally like her and Joel alot!  Haha they're the fun yet sweet couple of the series!

I will be posting more about Joel and Samantha later ;)


AC said...

My favorite part of this series is Joel and Samantha too! Samantha has had some tiny roles in the past but this is her biggest role in a series so far. I think it's nice that she's finally getting some recognition because I think there's a lot of people who don't have a good impression of her just because her style is a little too revealing for HK tastes.

lynne said...

That is very true. I admit I'm one of those people too...who didn't really have a good impression on her due to her revealing style. I'm glad she got this role now, where she can show of her capabilities ;)

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