[News] Sonija Kwok & Maggie Siu Turns Down Role, Christine Ng Fills the Shoes

Sonija Kwok is currently shooting TVB's Lunar New Year series, Record of the Fifth Day Opening and TVB initially intended to cast her in producer Tsui Wing Hong's new series Transfer of Love Firm (傳愛事務所) co-starring TV Kings Moses Chan and Wayne Lai. The other cast includes Fala Chen, Sire Ma and Susan Tse. However, Sonija's daughter is her utmost priority, therefore she decided to turn down the series and spend her first Christmas with her daughter instead. Although TVB high executives personally called her to discuss the series, Sonija still politely turned down the job.

Reporters contacted Sonija, when asked if she turned down the new series? She admitted one of the executives did call her, but because shooting Record Fifth Day is already too exhausting and the filming schedule of the two series are too close, she decided to turn it down. She said: "I'm pretty tired, its getting better now though. Before, I was working every day. I considered my current situation, if I had a month off before I start another series, then that wouldn't be a problem, but since I can't physically handle it, then I don't want to be working like this." When speaking of the cast for Transfer of Love Firm are all good actors? Sonija said: "I know! It's a pity, every one of them are really good artists!"

It was understood, Maggie Siu was first casted in this series, but then Sonija replaced her and in the end, Sonija withdraws as well. Christine Ng ultimately 'fills the shoes' for the two actresses who turned down the series. Christine accepted a telephone interview and expressed: "Actually I don't mind how many 'shoes' I have to fill for, just as long as the role fits me. Also, there are TV Kings Wayne and Moses in this series. What more can I ask for! Fala and I are very close, she's in this series too, so I really want to be part of it."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Thoughts: Since I like Christine better than both of Maggie and Sonija, I was quite happy with the news xD haha. I hope she'll co-lead with Fala...pairing up with Wayne? :D Don't want Wayne to pair up with the younger ladies...like he is with Natalie in another series....


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