[News] Sam Tong Encounters Justice Pao

Francis Ng: "Went to a wax figure museum with Issac. Rare to see Justice Pao's statue. In one's lifetime, how many opportunities are there to take a picture with Justice Pao! Immediately became excited. When looking closely, this wax figure looks really familiar...looks exactly like that well-known TV actor...Tam Ping Man!"

Bobby Au Yeung: "This is obviously Bobby Au Yeung, not Tam Ping Man! [angry][angry]"

Bobby Au Yeung: "@FrancisNg You have recognized the wrong person! [laugh with tears][laugh with tears]"

Credits: http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.ca/

Thoughts: LMAO xD I love Bobby so much!!!! Lols Francis hugging the "statue" and Ron touching his beard!!! :D haha nothing gets better than this!


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