[News] Nancy Wu admits she found herself new wealthy & talented boyfriend Patt

Nancy Wu has been in the industry for 9 years and all along, she had a colorful love life. Besides previously admitting she dated Deep Ng and Kenneth Ma, she's often rumored with her co-stars. It was said Nancy dated Kenneth for a little over a year before they broke up, but apparently she couldn't forget this 'seun poon' (best deal) of the TV industry and tried several times to patch the relationship up. She tried her best to arrange business trips with him and made a low-profile guest appearance in his series. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get Kenneth to turn back.

The heartbroken Nancy steps into the middle-age years and decides to lock down on a target. Finally, earlier this year a friend introduced her to the 'seun poon' in the creative industry (Patt). She moved from the TV industry to the creative industry, plus this new love interest of hers comes from a fairly well-off family background and is a talented gentleman. They haven't been dating for long, but Nancy already sees him as a marriage partner. This time, she cannot afford to lose.

It was understood, Patt came from a well-off family and just came back to HK after studying overseas. He established his own production company and has some fame in the advertising industry. As the boss, he also works as the art director, photographer and creative consultant. The most important is, Patt saw Nancy and it was love at first sight. They have been dating for over six months and he's often doing sweet things to please Nancy. At times, he'll give her romantic surprises, giving her flowers and new handbags. Nancy had been in a great mood, showing off her happiness on Weibo and often goes to friend gatherings with Patt. Earlier on Nancy's 31st birthday, Patt was very creative and planned a surprise birthday party on a cruise for his girlfriend. He secretly invited Nancy's close friends, including Myolie Wu, Mandy Wong and Praisley Wu on the cruise to give Nancy a memorable birthday.

Feeling all sweet with her new lover, yesterday Nancy accepted an interview over the phone and frankly admitted that she and Patt are indeed dating, "We started dating a few months ago. My new boyfriend was introduced to me by a friend. Our personalities match well, so we got together. Also he works in advertisement, so he's partially in the industry and really understands my job. (He's good at giving you surprises?) Last month, he accompanied me on my first birthday party on the cruise, very happy. Myolie Wu was very happy for me as well! (How would you score your boyfriend?) I cannot say now, we are still developing!"

Nancy's new boyfriend's full name is Patt Sham. He's only 30 and already has his own advertisement company called "HIVEMIND" and works as the Creative Director. He has directed Ivana Wong's MV before and helped Hins Cheung shoot his photo album.

Kenneth Defends Ex-Girlfriend Once Again

Ex-boyfriend Kenneth responded: "Usually when we meet at the studio, we chat about everything, but she hasn't told me about her new boyfriend yet. If it's true that she found someone who loves her, of course I wish her all the best!" As for the reports that Nancy had been hoping to reconciled with him and now she has a new target, Kenneth stressed once again: "I will say this one more time, she (Nancy) has not been trying to get back with me. It is just the media's own wishful thinking. You all shouldn't say that about her!" They are still friends, and last month on her birthday, Kenneth sent a SMS to wish her a happy birthday as well, "Our separation was not due to a third party. We are still friends and still talk about anything."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Aw :) I'm so happy for Nancy! Best of luck to her ;)


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