The King Makers - Lee Sing Cheung

Lee Sing Cheung is a dependable supporting actor, who've been in tvb for years!  If you've noticed, he've been in so many series this year?  Almost all!  To be honest, I don't really like that because it can get tiring seeing him in one after another.  But overall, I still enjoy watching him onscreen because he's a great actor!

In The King Makers, I initially thought that Lee Sing Cheung landed himself in another villain role (trouble maker, sly etc) because he was always against Kristal Tin in the beginning.  Turns out, his character was a little more than that.  So now, let's talk more of the characters.

Shek Sau is the leader of the Water Way Gang and Lee Sing Cheung is second in lead.  Kristal Tin is well respected by the gang members, since the Water Way Gang is originally her father, who died along with her husband.  Lee Sing Cheung and Kristal often comes to disputes, but he never crosses any lines because he felt indebt to her husband....who died in order to protect him.  As for Kristal's relationship with Shek Sau, she really trusts him, as her father told her that he's a very trustable man.....therefor the gang was handed over to him to lead.

Now back to Lee Sing Cheung.  Like I said before, he seems dispicable at first because he's always backing up his brothers (of their wrong doings) and often had arguments with Kristal.  What we did not find out until later his loyalty to the gang.  He often disputed with Shek Sau and Kristal, not because he was a trouble maker, but rather because he did not trust Shek Sau.  Back then when Kristal's dad and husband died...he've found Shek Sau suspicious but never found the evidence to prove his guiltiness.  Lee sing Cheung have just been waiting all these years to seek revenge for Kristal's dad and husband....  And as the series unveils, we get to know that Shek Sau truly planned Kristal's dad's and husband's death!!

Now the epic part happens in episode 20!  After Shek Sau's evil doings were uncovered, of course he was no longer the leader of the gang.  A gang can't be leaderless and this is when Lee Sing Cheung stepped up.  He told them that they have to select a new leader and according to the rules, the second in demand would be the one to take over the position.  He told them, considering merits, position or seniority, he's the one eligible to become the leader.  This is when I scratched my head and wondered....he really wanted the position afterall?  All my thoughts about him being loyal etc...kinda sunk.  To be honest, I was kinda upset.  Anyways, he then came over to Kristal and told her that he only admires 3 people in his life.  First of all, he said even though Shek Sau was the chief before, he have never respected him and since Shek Sau sided with her all the time, she too did not won his respect.  This is the moment where I did a palmed my face....can he get any worse than this?  Even though he showed loyalty at first...he's taking the advantage to ascend the "throne"?  =.+

What happens next?  I thought he was just going to take the position but in the end, he praised Kristal for saving the gang and told everybody, no matter how capable he is, he's still unable to compete with her and swore her loyalty.  And when Kristal refused, he told her that if she doesn't say yes, the gang will dissolve.  He won my respect in that single scene.  He's such a loyal character.  On the contrary, the scene did lack some power....the lines could've been written better and the execution to be done a bit better too (I think it's missing an emotional connection between Kristal and Lee Sing Cheung, to showcase their respect and appreciation towards each other...therefor making the scene a bit bland and not that heart-felt), but's still good.

Beside acknowledging Lee Sing Cheung's character, I also wrote this post because the scene really reminded me of Wayne's scene with Steven in Safe Guards :)

An extra note, if you've been watching Divas in Distress, you would also love Lee Sing Cheung in there!  He's got such a cute and caring role ;)  A nice change from all the recent seriousness he've been at! haha


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