[News] Esther Kwan & Bobby Au-Yeung Reunites in new TVB series

The big TV war is predicted to start next year, TVB does not dare to underestimate their competitors. Lately, TVB has been putting a lot more thought into their dramas. Drama production heads Tommy Leung and Catherine Tsang are racking their brains to get good castings. It was understood Tommy secretly contacted Esther Kwan to discuss her comeback. In order to increase the chances of success, Tommy tailored a script for her and she'll be carrying the series from beginning to end with old partner Bobby Au Yeung. This classic pairing is going to reunite in a 30 episode story about a curse of dying three times. Other cast members includes Ben Wong and Pierre Ngo.

Producer Chong Wai Kin admits he has already contacted Esther Kwan: "We have already discussed the story with her. It is a thousand year love story set from the Song dynasty to the 1950s-1960s era and then back to modern times. The female lead has a curse where she dies three times in her lover's arms. When we first came up with this concept, we wanted Bobby and Esther to make it happen. Firstly, it has been many years since they collaborated in a series and secondly the roles are very suitable for them. Of course I hope to collaborate with them and I'm very confident they could create sparks again, but we have to resolve the technology issues first before the series can be confirmed." Was it because there is only one Siu Sang and one FaDan in the entire series that attracted Esther to make this comeback? "They will be leading the series from beginning to end, but there still has to be other artists. The setting is also very important. To make the 1950s-1960s setting more realistic, we will be heading over to shoot in Foshan's new filming studio."

Esther accepted an interview over the phone, she expressed: "You all found out about the news so fast! TVB has indeed contacted me, but it's really preliminary. I heard the story is pretty special and I really like it myself. (They're using Bobby to make you come back?) This old partner is truly captivating. After working with him on Armed Reaction, I haven't been a pair with him in a while, even in The Legendary Four Aces, I was with Nick [Cheung] and we weren't a pair. It has already been over 10 years since we collaborated. Of course it's important to have a good co-star, after all we both know each other's styles and there is no need to spend time trying to develop chemistry. It's more comforting like this. I really hope to collaborate with him too, but it is still in the preliminary phase and nothing is confirmed yet."

As the series is dominated by 'One Siu Sang One FaDan' , Esther said: "There are other artists too, a thousand year love story is quite attractive. Actually TVB has approached me before, but because the roles didn't really match me, I didn't accept them. (You had always loved acting, does your craving ever start acting up?) I rarely watch TV series, but sometimes I do have a craving to act again. After all, in the past I could play several different roles within a year, but now I'm still just one character after so many years." Esther's daughter Brittany is already 6 years old, will Nick be looking after her while she gets back into work? "No, Nick is working too, so if I really do shoot this series, I will have to find a babysitter. She's older now, so it's not as difficult because she's more independent and not as attached. It should be ok."

Bobby Tries Convincing Too

Bobby finally has a chance to reunite with Esther and he also anticipates for this to actually happen. He reveals he personally called Nick, he joked: "I called Nick and told him to let his wife come back out and act again. Let her collaborate with me, no need to be afraid of rumors, it's better than working with Benny Chan." Then Bobby added: "Actually its rare to find a female co-star who can match me. We really haven't been in something together for many years. Earlier when she got married and had her daughter, there wasn't any other choice, but now her daughter is older, she can have some freedom. She can take some time out and satisfy her craving for acting. Esther doesn't just want to be a housewife, she wants to enjoy working too."

Husband Nick Cheung Supports

Since Esther got married and had her daughter, she focused entirely on her family. Since she came back for TVB series Seasons of Fate three years ago, she turned down several offers and hasn't been in any series recently. Regarding this, Nick laughed: "I know she talked to TVB. Whether she films it or not, she can make the decision. I won't lock her up at home, if there is a good script and co-stars, then I will definitely support her. Although the family really needs her, I'm still willing to let her get back into acting again. Also, our daughter is older now. As for myself, my schedule is pretty full."

Source: Mingpao Weekly, HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Thoughts: *tearsofhappiness* Esther!! Please accept!! I would love to see Esther and Bobby together!! A golden couple reuniting onscreen again Q.Q If she really accepts in the end, next year would be perfect. Even grand productions like Triumph in the Skies 2 will have to stand aside for them :P haha at least that's how I think anyways x)

The story also sounds intriguing too. Reminds me a little of A Maiden's Vow, but that doesn't matter :) I'm also happy that Bobby is not taking on a comedic role...at least I'm hoping he's not. Would like to see him in a serious role again!

Oh I might as well add that I'm impress they want to film the pre-modern part in Foshan.  Tvb have recently been putting more budget into their series....which makes me very happy :)  Hope this does indeed get filmed!!!!


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