Divas in Distress - So Gei

Ok, super smooth glide. Check. Super stylish and bright clothings. Check. Lastly, an awesome hairdo! Check! What more can we ask for? Haha So Gei (Koo Ming Wah) is absolutely hilarious! Definitely my favourite character in Divas ;)

One of his scenes:
Vincent (Him Law) is introducing his new ideas (designs) to the workers…when So Gei suddenly…

So Gei: Who’s the girl?
*walks over to one of the worker girls*
Go Gei: Is it you?
*girl defends herself*

Vincent: What’s wrong with you?
So Gei: I’ve known you for over 20 years. I know your taste. This drawing…this grafitti, is twisted but determined, unrestrained but melancholic. It craves love but is scared of it. I can smell the scent of a woman!

*everybody starts smelling the paper*

So Gei: You don’t have the DNA to draw something this feminine! Ok…if you have a girl out there, fine. I can live with that…but you’re bringing her into the office! Are you done with me? Is it game over for us?

*Vincent smiles*
So Gei: Fine! Go to your muse!

Worker: Mr.So!
So Gei: So, So, So….So what?

Lols I laughed out loud at this scene xD So Gei is super awesome! He either makes me smile or laugh whenever he’s onscreen ;D haha he was so….dramatic…in this scene! Loved how everybody tried to smell the “feminine” scent of the paper :P But to be honest, I am a bit confuse on why he got mad x)


Yian said...

So Gei is so cool :) I'm glad that the actor has a more prominent role in this series compared to his usual 5 minute appearances. I thought it would be cool if he ended up with Hannah's boss, as she's quite masculine and So Gei is feminine. However watching the preview of episode 12 he seems to be interested in Hannah's Mum instead! Either way I hope that TVB gives him his own storyline later in the series :D

Rachel said...

hahah love how you made a post about him! he is hilarious, i love all of his femininity and his bromance with Him Law hahaha too cute!

lynne said...

@Yian: Oh wow...I never thought of that but yes! I think so Gei would be perfect with Hannah's boss! They'd be so funny together! haha. I've watched up to only episode 14, but don't really see him being interested in Hannah's mom. Since she have an old love with Gigi/Liza's mentor :D I can't wait for the scene....where he's going to have a tearful talk with his mom? :D

@rachel: totally! Love them together! <3

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