Divas in Distress - Mandy Wong & Him Law

A clip of one of their scenes in episode 06.  Let me explain abit about them, to those who have not seen Divas yet.  So basically, Him hates Mandy and looks down on her because of her background.  Yah...he's the kind of snobby rich kid.  Anyways, one day he came by a grafitti in the alley way that inspired to come up with a design (he's an interior designer).  Him was wondering who came up with the design so therefor, was waiting near the alley (where the grafitti is) for the person to appear.  While waiting though, he fell asleep.  And you can see what happens afterwards....he finally found out that Mandy was the designer.
Ok...I admit, I am a tiny bit obsess over Mandy and Him Law right now Q.Q  I think they're so cute together!!!!!!!! OMG xD  lols  My heart kind of flutters whenever I hear "their song", since it meant that there's a scene of them!  To be honest, Him's character is a jerk....but the reason why I still like him is because of his soft spot for Mandy.  Haha that only counts for dramas though, if it's in the real world...I don't think he'd get anywhere, with any girl if he had that kind of attitude :P  I was actually hoping that Mandy would give him a slap across the face, when he told her that he threw her cap away...

Oh to talk more about their song, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You".  At first...I didn't really like it because the tune is kind of slow, not exactly catchy.  After listening to it a few times though, it finally grew one me.  I especially love when it comes to, "I love you baby..." because that's when the beats comes in ;)


Rachel said...

i'm totally watching Divas just for these two!!!! they're so adorable together! even though i think their relationship moved a little too fast how he fell for her...but i guess their story line is more of overcoming Liza's control rather than the process of falling for each other haha.

but like you, i didn't like all the english songs that were playing but after watching their scenes, now i have like an emotional attachment to them knowing that the songs mean a HimxMandy scene is coming up! heheheh, but i'm sort of disappointed in the past two episodes, there wasn't much focus on their relationship...and mandy didn't even appear! hope they have more screen time soon!

lynne said...

Anonymous: HIm is sooo .. handsome n special in this roll !

@sorry don't know why your comment disappeared, but I received it in my email :D Haha agreed! I think this is one of my fav. roles!

@RacheL: I know right!!!!! Omg they're super adorable! I've been waiting for them to appear (13/14) to appear too....but to no avail Q.Q I need more of Him and Mandy scenes!!!! Tvb should just create a romance series solely for these two...I'd love to see one!!! <3

lynne said...

oh I meant episodes 11 & 12

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