[Where is She?] Maggie Wong

Foreverlovetvb and I were just talking about the good old tvb days when Maggie Wong arised in our conversation.  Who is she?  She's one of the most talented child actor tvb had back then haha.  My favourite series of her is Perish in the Name of Love, where she played as Charmaine's Sheh younger version.  I've written a post of her HERE.

So...we were just wondering how she's doing since she left tvb.  Apparently she's with CTI now?  o.O  If that is true...I would be so happy because that will mean I can see her back onscreen again!  Hehe was really curious about her, so I decided to stalk her using google.  Guess what I found?  Her weibo account!  Mwahaha. http://www.weibo.com/u/1816618371?from=otherprofile&wvr=3.6&loc=infweihao

Wow...seeing her recent pictures, she've really grown up!  (I feel weird saying that since I am still younger than her.)  I couldn't recognize her for a minute there.  It's weird, there are some photos that I can see the resemblance to her younger days but there are some that I just can't!  Hmm...I think if she have her hair straight down, I can recognize her.  But if she style it any other way, I can't...so weird o.O

***on a random note, I think that she really resemble Linda Chung in some photos (not all).  I think it's her smile :)  They both cast of such a sweet feeling.


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