Three Kingdoms RPG Random Thoughts

This is just a bunch of random thoughts going on in my head right now...I've forgotten a bunch from the earlier episodes though since I am on ep 14 right now.

- First off, rather enjoyable but if you're in hope of a true war/historical series....I don't think this is your cup of tea (it's horrible in terms of putting in the historical factors).  More like an ancient comedy.  I think I find it quite enjoyable because of the characters.  The characters have "personality", each different to compliment each other and also very nice interactions with each other.  Haha I love watching bromances because they always sparks off something fun....better than couple romances :P

- Talking about how this is suppose to be part historical, it's such a tragedy!  Most of the casts remains indoor and it's such a pity that we don't get to see some of these famous generals...."do" something other than talk!  TVB!  Ugh...such a cast being wasted!

- Something else that makes this quite enjoyable is the modern references made by Sima Shun.  Haha they always manage to crack me up ;)  They might cheesy and quite silly at times, but they do manage to help me laugh off some stress!

-read the true historical facts about the Three Kingdoms period:
-the historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms:

- Kenneth Ma as Sima Shun.  I like this guy but at the same time, he's just so immature!  Sometimes I just want to give him a few slaps across the face....but straying from the others, he's the one who creates the laughs.  All the ancient guys are all so serious but he just steps in as the modern guy, who doesn't really understand the hardships and is so chill with everything.  I like that Sima Shun is a mix of good but also have some bad habits (his flirtings...drives me insane how he's always judging girls from their looks...but pretty accurate to modern references I guess? :P  I love it when he says "no feel" when he talked about Song Yau with Fan Gan.)  Oh, random but when he was about to go back to Hk.....he bought a ton of stuff in order to make some money back in modern HK.  I approve.  That is a very smart move ;)

- Sima Shun idolizes Chukot Leung.  I don't even know what to say...they're so hilarious together!  I absolutely love how Sima Shun would "fangirl" over Chukot can just see it in his eyes!!!  So much admiration and love!  haha even when they were arguing, Sima Shun still couldn't hide his admiration for his idol.  lols it cracked me up when he yelled at Chukot Leung, stating how he treated him (Sima Shun) like a one night stand.  Sima Shun just gets so emotional whenever it concerns Chukot Leung that it's absolutely hilarious!  Kenneth definitely nailed the whole "idolizing" fan image!

I'm glad that Sima Shun begins to mature in the later parts of the series though.  Finally a stop to all those childish behaviours and a turn towards a more likable man :)

- The friendship between Sima Shun and Fan Gan (Jonathan Cheung).  First off, why don't I talk about Fan Gan first?  Such a simple-minded character but yet still so lovable because of his simplicity.  I don't remember much about Jonathan Cheung though...or really remember him in any other roles.  Good thing that he received such a prominent (more like a bigger) role in Three Kingdoms RPG that managed to grab the audience's attention.  He's so cute as Fan Gan...I really hope that there will be more of Fan Gan in the later parts :)

Sima Shun and Fan Gan, one sly/mouthy while the other one is so innocent and simple.  They create such a cute brotherhood!  It was hilarious when Sima Shun thought that Fan Gan died (during the Battle at Bowang)!!  He was tearing up and sad.  lols

- The first battle of the series is the battle at Bowang (did I get this right?  I forgot...)  Anyways, Liu Bei's troop was way out numbered but they won due to Chukot Leung's strategy.  This battle sounded so epic....but when the shots of the battle rolled in.....I was so disappointed.  I didn't have much faith in it at I was taken by surprise by the amount of extras tvb recruited for this scene, but at the same's still pathetic.  I'm really contradicting myself eh?  A series like this, I just had hopes that tvb would widen their budget a teeny tiny bit more but I guess my dreams were a bit too unrealistic.  *sigh*

- Cheung Chung Chi as Zhao Yun.  Surprise?  He doesn't play a bad guy in here!  This guy have been given numerous evil/bad roles that I think they dominated most of his acting career!  He's a good actor though and I really enjoy seeing him, so I'm really happy for him to be playing such a loyal and righteous general.  Also, he suits the look very well ;)  I approve!

- Tavia Yeung as Song Yau.  We finally get to see Tavia back in an ancient role again!  *tears of joy*  The downside to this though?  Hm Song Yau is a rather...plain character to play.  She doesn't really have much to do.  So I'm hoping to see more of her character later on...

- Kaki Leung as Huang Yue Ying.  When Kaki first landed on this role, I must say I did not have much faith...because I just didn't feel she's ready to play such a big character yet.  Even though still big, the role turns out smaller than I had imagine since I guess it's a male-dominant series.  Kaki grew on me back in Twilight Investigation where she played as the girl who accidentally killed her boyfriend (talking about that, I was so sad...since he intended to propose to her!).  I saw improvement then (compared to the days back in EU) and here again, I'm glad to see her improving again in Three Kingdoms.  More than Kaki though, I think it's her character that I am really interested in.  At first...I personally did not like how low her self-esteem was (be strong girl!)  but felt her love for Chukot Leung and admire her for her knowledge.  Unlike Sima Shun, I think she's the perfect match with Chukot Leung ;)

- Rachel Kwan and Iva Law as Liu Bei's first and second wife.  I love these two!  Thank goodness they didn't play as bickering wives like what I initially thought!  They're actually very caring towards each other :)  Talking about Iva Law, I've liked her back in The Legend of Love where she played as a fox demon.  Since then though, I don't remember seeing much of her.  I'm so happy that she's getting a bigger role in here (maybe due to the amount of artistes leaving tvb??).  Now back to the wives, I love how caring they are towards Song Yau.  Haha it makes me happy whenever they corner Sima Shun (even though that's only like...2 times?).

*spoiler*  Omg!!  I cried when Iva Law died in episode 14 Q.Q   It was so sad....Liu Bei is so lucky to have a wife like her!  They were on their way to Jiang when the women's group were intercepted by the Tso's army.  Iva had Rachel's baby with her and was caught by the enemy.  Luckily Zhao Yun (Cheung Chung Chi) came in time to get them...but unfortunately they soon got cornered by more soldiers.  They were extremely outnumbered.  Seeing herself as a liability, Iva killed herself and told Zhao Yun that Liu Bei's son cannot die.  Major tear-jerker there!  I was so upset....since I love her character so much.....*sigh*

***Initially, I actually thought that Iva will have some kind of relationship with Zhao Yun (due to the themesong captures), but I was wrong ^-^;;;  feel kinda bad about it now...


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