Starhub Awards 2012 Thoughts

I did not know this?!!  Lols just notice the's on the side in a small bubble :P  So I would just like to post this and tell all bloggers!!  I actually don't know if this is restricted to Singapore fans or not though :/  Starhub's awards use to be for Singaporeans to vote only, but this year they made it so international fans can vote now I'm wondering about this award.  Either way, my parents probably won't let me :P  So good luck to those who decides to enter! :D

Favourite TVB Drama Themesong
My Pick:  I think the choice is rather obvious?  Haha definitely The Hippocratic Crush's themesong!  Whoo! I bet that this song would win too....Honourable mention goes to Bottled Passion's theme is (WHY is it not on there? =.= it was such a nice song)...also very beautiful.
Least Favourite:  Let it Be Love.  Did not like that song at all.

Favourite TVB Onscreen Couple
My Pick:  Niki Chow and Raymond Wong for the win!  Absolutely loved them...with a very sweet and touching storyline.
Least Favourite: I have no idea.

Favourite TVB Male TV Character
My Pick:  No other than the sloppy but still lovable LA!  Good but not the goody two-shoes.  Got character and personality, so that's why he's my choice :)
Least Favourite:  No opinion on this one.  On the other hand....worst hairstyle from the nomination pictures, Ron looks horrible in that brown-orange colored hair!  *shivers*

Favourite TVB Actor
My Pick:  Who to choose.....but Kenneth Ma.  This guy is really growing on me eh?  I still think that Kenneth needs to work on his...emotional transition and also the pouting but he's getting better and better!  Who's excited to see him in
Least favourite:  Won't comment on this :)

Favourite TVB Female TV Character
My Pick:  To be honest....not much choice here is there?  I personally don't have a favourite...but the closest would go to Selena Li in Wish and Switch.
Least Favourite:  Dunno.

Favourite TVB Actress
My Pick:  Obvious choice?  Haha who's the one I made a fansite for?  Linda Chung :D  Yah!
Least Favourite:  Won't comment on this either :)

Favourite TVB Drama
My Pick:  The Hippocratic Crush!  Got the acting chops with nicely written characters along with a touching script, all wrapped up together and the drama had successfully captured the audience's hearts :)
Least Favourite:  ???


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