[News] Steven Ma to write and produce a series, has a few picks for the lead actress

Steven Ma, Kay Tse and Stephen Chan attended the charity event 'Life or Death' Life Talk Show hosted by Will In Action. Steven shared the story of his mother's experience in fighting cancer for 20 years before passing away and his personal experience suffering from clinical depression.

Steven reveals he's currently busy preparing for his first produced series: "I've been busy with scriptwriting lately because I'm going to Wuhan in September to start shooting for new series Single Parent Ten Years (單親十年). Writing about myself, I need other feelings, but when writing about others, I need to withdraw, it's like having schizophrenia. As for the production part of it, this time I'm investing and producing the series, so I must know how to save money. Working behind-the-scenes is different from being an artist because working on screen, you just need to worry about fighting for opportunities." He frankly expressed he is participating in choosing the lead actress role as well, and will recommend a few to the director. He said: "I get to participate, but I don't get to choose the leads. I'm afraid people may say I'm unfair. However, I will make suggestions to the director. I recommended Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Ada Choi, Fala Chen and Linda Chung because we have collaborated before."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Hehe knew that Tavia, Fala and Linda would be mentioned :P I am actually quite interested in what Steven comes up with. I have faith in him ;)


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