Graphics Requests

Anybody wants a graphic? I am taking requests! Hehe I have been crazy over photoshop lately, but don't know what to I'm taking requests! You have a fanfiction that you need a poster for? You want a banner? Request!

Just tell me:
- the size you want
- links to the pictures you want to use
- what you want written on the graphic

This is a random poster that I did :)


sandalls said...

Hey Lynne! sandalls here from TVB: A Way of Thinking. I was thinking of asking you to do a new banner for our blog! I think it's time for a change hahaha! I shall talk to Ted and get back to you about the size and images... thanks in advance!!

miriamfanz said...

Hi lynne, it's miriamfanz from CasualTVB. It'd be really cool if you could design a banner for my blog too! Can I get back to you on what images to use?

Just TVB said...

Hi Lynne,

Thanks for offering help to design graphics. Is it possible that you can help me design a banner for my blog 3rd Anniversary? I would like a random TVB artistes banner (898px by 362px) similar to what I did for my previous banner. I need a black background to put in my logo after that. Feel free to credit your work.
Thank you so much!

I am rather busy now and don't really have much inspiration so luckily I found your post at the right time. haha. Can you post the img link at my tagboard once done?

Lynne said...

@sandalls: Okies :D

@miriamfanz: Gotcha! Get back to me anytime :)

@Just tvb: Awesome! So I can choose any artistes? Would you like to have anything written on it such as, "3rd Anniversary"?? so for the logo, you're going to put it on later right? And I just have to leave a blank black space for you? :)

Just TVB said...

No need to include 3rd anniversary cause it will be in the blog post header. Yup any tvb artistes is fine but I would like to have Tavia in it! =D
The logo I will put it later, just need a black space enough for a logo. Thanks!

yue mei said...

hiii! haha I am taking you up on your offer, because I love your graphics. :D I really don't care about the size and what's written on it. LOL But here's a picture I do want you to use
Thank you!. :D

dvd said...

I hope it's not too late to ask. :)

Umm, banner size about 900x360? With the two ladies taking more of the space.

Hope it's okay that it's not fully TVB.
One of two of these Tavia pics. Feel free to pick which one. I can't choose, haha.

And these two non-related TVB pics.

Thank you!

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

@DVD: here is your request!'sBanner.jpg
I know you said to focus more on the two ladies...and I tried, but the positioning would've been a bit weird. Haha but still hope you like it :) btw Would you like to have anything written on it?

miriamfanz said...

hey lynne,
sorry for getting back so late but I really don't know how to choose the graphics for the banner. would you like to choose them for me? I would like to have some of the top fadans and siu sangs (myolie, Kevin, Moses, etc). thanks a million!

sandalls said...

hey lynne!

so sorry about the late request..

Banner Size: 795x245
Colour: lighter background, not too light, just to stand out against our black background...
Main Text: TVB: A Way of Thinking
Subtext: We are in an Entertainment Age... Embrace TVB's Future...
Photos (please use as many as you like, these pictures can be little in size, like background photos similar to your banner, just do what you like I have full trust in you!!!)

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