Three Kingdoms RPG Episode 2

Haha after knowing that he've traveled back in time, Kenneth was desperately trying to find the hole back to Hong Kong. Lols Kenneth talked to Fan Gan (the one he saved from before) but used modern words he did not understand. He wants to repay Kenneth for saving him and Kenneth followed him home.....

Haha walking down the fields, Kenneth breathed in the fresh lovely air was back then when it wasn't full of pollution. They even saw pandas!!! OMG!! I know it's photoshopped...but *sigh* Haha Kenneth was quite surprise since he said there's only 4 in hong kong. It's funny, Fan Gan couldn't see why Kenneth said the panadas were precious since they are lazy animals :P When there are plentiful, they are not treasured. But now that there's none left...we begin to see the value.

Kenneth told him he wanted to get a shower...and Fan Gan was confused :P There is no such thing as shower back then...poor Kenneth. Lols then the guy asked to clean Kenneth's back for him. Kenneth kinda freaked out, "A back scrub can lead to brokeback" :P He then asked for soap...omg it looks so nasty! Haha Kenneth looks so disgusted using it!! Two owls were also peeking at him...haha he only had a single board to help him from being exposed :P

Dinner time!!! Guess what they're having for dinner?! White Bear meat!!!! aka Pandas :P Kenneth freaked out again and told Fan Gan that they'll get shot for eating it!! lols Fan Gan didn't even understand what "shot" meant :P

Kenneth then had a dream about traveling back in time of the dinosaurs :P Since he couldn't sleep, he went outside. He checked his phone for a family portrait and found an unread message. It is from his sister.

The next morning, they went to the market. Haha some guys were doing an act and he comapred it to the Mr HK contest :P Kenneth then wanted to buy grapes but Fan Gan couldn't afford it. They then met a friend of Fan Gan. Kenneth shook his hands....the guy did not like it :P I'm guessing that back then, touching people is impolite :P

LOLS Kenneth kept on making references to modern's so funny x)

The village people got word that an army is coming to their village, and are going to loot the villagers out of their crops. So they're trying to find a way to protect their valuables.

Chukot (Raymond Lam) finally appeared!!!! lols Kenneth: Good looking guys are so more popular? a brainless idol cannot compare to a real talent like me. Haha Kenneth then jumped in and told them to do either two thing to solve the problem. One, call the cops and second, call the reporters to badmouth the bad guys. Lols first...Kenneth kind of forgot he's not in hk and that there's no such things as cops and reporters :P haha.

Kenneth then realized that Chukot is the Chukot Leung he had admired. lols he went to shook his hands...and off course, Raymond shook his hands of. Kenneth was so funny....his eyes were so wide. Haha he even told Raymond that he look so much better than the comics :P Then when Raymond left, he sang CHOK. Omg..Kenneth is so funny!

Kenneth woke up next morning to see Fan Gan taking all the produces. Apparently all the vllagers were gathering their food to give to the soldiers, who came to take all of it away. We then found out it is Chukot who told them to do so and they listened. Giving away all their food is not easy...seeing that the villagers listened, we can see how trusted Raymond is.

The soldiers wer by the river side where they found a match strikers, biscuits bits and etc. Turns out it was part of Chukot's plan...which led the army to run out of the village. What he did was to scare the army into thinking that another army (Tso Cho) was planning an attack on the village. So in fear of the strong army coming, the other army pulled out.

Guess what??? Chukot is getting married!!! Haha the villagers wanted to give him their harvest as a wedding gift but he refused.

Keneth then suddenly walked in to Raymond's home. lols Raymond's expresssion was so funny!!! He then started rambling on about the 3 kingdoms game...bring a know-it-all :P lols he then sang them his 18 moves of Hong Kong dudes. He left the guys speechless :P

Haha Kenneth then came home and asked for dinner. Fan Gan told him to eat a banana :P Kenneth was really curious who Raymond was marrying...since Fan Gan is part of the people who's delivering the bethrothal gifts.

Kenneth then received another sms from his sister. Turns out that they could sms each other!! So then he sent back a message to her and told her how he's stuck in 3 kingdoms. He also told her to contact the professeur who studied time traveling for help.

The next day when they were delivering the gifts, the bridge broke and they could'nt move on. Luckily Kenneth got the gifts there on time. lols he started shaking everybody hands....stop shaking people hands man!!!! lols.

Haha for some reason they kept on delaying in bringing in the gifts into the actual house. Why?? They only got the shell (boxes) there...but the real stuff weren't yet :P That's why they got it there so fast in the beginning....cause they weren't so heavy. Luckily the rest arrived.

Kenneth was standing around when he smelt something, which led him to see Chukot's fiancee, Kaki Leung. Unlike what he'd imagine, she is rather plain and also sickly. He told Chukot later, whom got quite offended by it since he believes a wife should be judge by her virtues and not looks. Kenneth thought other wise though...he do not think Kaki is worthy of Chukot.

Raymond and Kaki got married much faster than I expected! Apparently they never met each other before hand was all arranged. So their wedding night was actually their first meeting. Omg...I laughed so hard when Kenneth was drunk...and literally yelling out in front of Kaki's room, saying how she did not deserve Raymond. IT's funny because his reaction was so big....he acts like Raymond is suppose to be his xD On the other hand, what he said was so hurtful!! If I wasn't laughing at the moment, I'd give him a few slap across the face! Ugh...virtues over looks, but too him looks are over virtues :P I like Chukot though...such a sincere man. I know he's going to love and take care of Kaki :) Now I want to see more of them!

The next day, guess who Kenneth ran into?  The famous, Lau Bei, Kwan Yu and Cheung Fei.  I am very happy because I like all the actors taking on these roles ;D


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