[News] CTI new series 'Police Boundaries' starring Liu Kai Chi, Dominic Lam & Leila Tong

Yesterday Ricky Wong held the blessing ceremony for CTI new series Police Boundaries (警界線). The cast including Liu Kai Chi, Dominic Lam, Lawrence Chow and Leila Tong attended.

Ricky expressed CTI currently has enough series and variety shows in storage ready for CTI to begin operations next year, but he's in no rush. Regarding to his confidence in obtaining the free-to-air TV license, Ricky expressed: "We can definitely start operating next year because each our productions are on a HK$20 million budget, so I am very confident." It was rumored because the government keeps delaying the issue of the free-to-air TV license, iCable lost their exclusive rights to broadcast the London Olympics, which indirectly affects CTI's license issue? Ricky told the media not to pull two unrelated things together, don't make things that complicated.

In the series, Liu Kai Chi plays a big thief and will have a lot of scenes opposite of Dominic and Lawrence Chow. He said the new working environment brings new light. Before the series started, the cast and crew gathered to study the script together and took a course on gun shooting, which has never happened in TVB.

Leila reveals she signed a two year contract with CTI and this is her second series with CTI. This is her first time playing a policewoman, she expressed the series is male-oriented, so she'll have more time to look after her daughter.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

I will definitely be looking forward to this!! Leila Tong AND Liu Kai Chi? That just can't be miss....YES!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  CTI is making me very happy...the chances to see some of my old favourites.


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