[News] Sharon Chan breaks down in tears after making her first gunshot

Yesterday Sharon Chan and Sammy Leung were in Sham Shui Po filming a gun fight scene for TVB new series Justice Pursuit & Attack. The scene was about Sharon in the middle of her marriage, when she suddenly finds out Sammy was in danger, so she rushed over to rescue him. However, in reality Sharon actually has a phobia of loud gunshot or explosion related sounds because in her childhood, her older male cousin would often pop balloons recklessly in her ear, which left a shadow in her. On cameras, Sharon appeared calm and cool, but once the director shouted cut, she was so frightened, she broke down in tears. Sammy went forward to comfort her. Sharon expressed she'll try her best to overcome the fear.

Sharon said when she found out she had to open fire for the first time, she was scared from the night before until yesterday. However, she also promised the producer that she would be able to handle the scene, so she couldn't let the crew down either and wanted to challenge herself. She successfully opened fire, but on her second shot, she started shaking and couldn't control herself as tears start running down.

Last night, Sharon attended the end-of-filming celebration dinner. It appears she had recovered as she was chatting cheerfully with the other cast. She reveals she will soon be going shopping in Korea with good sister Christine Ng and then she'll be going on vacation to the beaches and enjoy the sun with her boyfriend. Sharon laughed and said she won't come back from her trip suddenly engaged.

As for Michael Tse, filming for this series ended relatively early, he and his wife are currently planning for a summer vacation. When asked if he'll try swimming nude? Michael exposed: "I tried it before, why should I be afraid? Removes all the restraints." It was rumored JJ Jia and Sammy Sum have broken up, but they appeared at the dinner and were even generous enough to take pictures together. Off-cameras, they chatted happily, looks like its "still friends after goodbye".

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Thumbs up to Sharon for confronting her fear, hope she's alright.


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