[News] Bernice Liu speeds up shooting of CTI's musical in order to rush back to Mainland

Bernice Liu and William So were shooting for CTI's new musical Fairytale Love Song 201314 at Admiralty for a dancing in the rain scene. This was also Bernice's last scene. William said: "Bernice has to get back to Mainland for work." Bernice frankly expressed because she accepted another Mainland drama, she had to finish shooting her scenes first, making William and the rest of the crew shoot day and night. The crew had to complete 40 scenes within a week. Bernice felt really sorry, so she kept treating the crew meals to thank them. She also sweet talked: "William is very attentive, often staying behind to watch my performance on the side and then giving me advice."

However, the staff were pretty hot tempered. CTI's public relations staff allowed the media on the set to interview Bernice and William, but barely 10 minutes into the interview, the staff already started rushing the media out: "Stop blocking us from filming." Then the staff shouted at the CTI PR staff and William had to come in between to stop the two parties. As CTI has not received the free-to-air license from the government, it is unknown when the series can broadcast. William expressed he cannot control that, he can only perform the duties of an artist.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum


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