Complete Make-Over!!!

Whoo! Haha so this is the reason why TVB Horizon had been closed down for the last few days :) Decided to change everything....cause I miss having a banner Q.Q Lols this new layout makes me really, really happy...and hopefully you guys all love it too! ;)

The banner.....I know Hippocratic Crush is over b..but I couldn't help it!!! I love Kenneth and Tavia too much to let them go this early x) So yah, that's why they're up there!

For our next banner though....any ideas?? Hehe...GUESSING GAME if OFFICIALLY back on!!! I know I've said I'd start the game earlier...but later got busy :( And this round is still the continuation from the unfinished round. *sigh* I noticed the number of visits have dropped since I haven't posted much lately, so maybe the people who were playing then wouldn't be able to see this post....I just want to say sorry to them for re-starting the game so late :(


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