Series List for TVB 2012 Sales Presentation

**Series and cast are just for the Sales Presentation. Not all series are officially confirm to film and neither are the casts (for the official series filming)***

Tommy Leung

《呂氏為王》 "Lu for King" (Gallen Lo, Tavia Yeung)
《衝上雲霄II》 "Triumph in the Skies II" (Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui)
《名媛望族》 "Prominent Family" (Damian Lau, Idy Chan, Fala Chen, Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng)
《雷霆掃毒》 "Thunderous Drug Raid" (Kevin Cheng, Roger Kwok, Michael Miu, Kate Tsui)
《飛虎》 "Special Duties Unit" (Joe Ma, Jessica Hsuan)
《On Call 36小時》 "36 Hours on Call" (Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law)

Catherine Tsang

《呂后傳》 "Legend of Empress Lu" (Kevin Cheng, Maggie Cheung)
《金枝慾孽II》 "War and Beauty II" (Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang, Ada Choi)
《神探哥倫布》 "Detective Columbo" (Wayne Lai, Tavia Yeung)
《天梯》 "Ladder to Heaven" (Moses Chan, Maggie Cheung, Aimee Chan, Joel Chan)
《Miss Cool外傳》 "Miss Cool Spin-off" (Linda Chung, Bosco Wong)
《當旺爸爸》 "Lucky Father" (Steven Ma, Linda Chung)

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Some Filming Pics of Different Sales Presentation CLips
credits as labeled (weibo)

Thoughts: I really love Maggie CHeung in teh ancient costumes! Prefer her in ancient costumes rather than modern ones.

Tavia Yeung!!! Really new look!! I am really glad ot see her in a pre-modern! And wow...she have a lot of series for next year....and omg! She might be filming with Gallen Lo :D This ought to be interesting!

I can't wait to see the sales presentation clip!!!! :DDD


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