Guessing Game Round 4 - 11

Basic Outline
-only ONE guess
-first 3 person to guess the right series gets a point
-please answer in comment section
The PRIZE this round: You can either choose next month's banner OR a drawn chibi character of your choice =D

San San and Michael is TIED. So here's one more round.

Abbie - I
Beckiz26 - I
Chii - IIII
JingMui - I
Kitty - I
Leanne - I
Michael - IIIIIII
Sammi - I
Summer - IIIII
Veronica - III

Joyce Tang

Guess who it is?


Michael said...

Nadia Chan in Legendary Four Aces

San San said...

Nadia Chan XD Tie again LOL

Summer said...

is Nnadia Chan , long time did not watch her ler..

Abbie said...

Nadia Chan+

LynneD. said...

Another tie xD lols do one of you guys want specifically the banner or chibi? :)

San San said...

LOL,r u gonna to open another round ?
anyway,I will choose banner for it ^^

LynneD. said...

Yah we'll be having one more round :)

Was just thinking if you two don't choose the same thing, we won't need another round xD

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